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New York City Construction Equipment Failure Lawyers

Manhattan, Bronx and Brooklyn Defective Hoisting Equipment Injury Attorney

Some of the most powerful sections of New York Labor Law require building owners and general contractors to provide safety equipment that adequately protects workers. At the Law Offices of Nussin S. Fogel, our case experience includes successful recoveries for people injured due to falling debris during the dismantling process, defective tools and equipment, and equipment failures involving scaffolding, hoists, pulleys, chains, block-and-tackle assemblies and other devices.

We recognize that you may not know exactly how your accident occurred or who is responsible. Our legal team will welcome the opportunity to investigate and offer carefully considered counsel on your legal rights and options. Attorney Nussin S. Fogel has distinguished himself among New York City construction equipment failure attorneys through his grasp of applicable laws and his commitment to tenacious advocacy for the injured.

Advocacy for Injured Construction Workers Hurt by Defective Hoisting Devices, Pulley Systems, Block and Tackle, Harnesses and Safety Lines

Any scaffold collapse, critical failure of a hoisting device or other safety equipment failure is apt to cause serious injury or even a construction site fatality. While workers' compensation benefits are available to address medical expenses and lost earnings, more substantial recoveries are sometimes available through a third-party personal injury lawsuit, particularly one that properly cites and proves violations of New York Labor Law.

Applying decades of experience analyzing many types of construction site accidents and evaluating construction worker injuries, our legal team is adept at reconstructing accidents and refuting common defenses used by building owners and general contractors. Such defenses often include claims that equipment was used improperly and/or that the worker caused his own injuries.

Turn to a Proven Lawyer Dedicated to Helping You Recover

Only an experienced construction accident attorney can properly evaluate your on-the-job injury case and advise you of your legal rights after you have suffered a serious injury or tragically lost a family member. For legal counsel you can trust, beginning with a free consultation, call us now at 888-391-8546.

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