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New York City Building Code Violation Injury Attorney

Serving All Five Boroughs of NYC: Manhattan Landlord Negligence Lawyers

All property owners throughout New York City are required to comply with a citywide building code that has evolved over the years to include many specific minimum requirements intended to ensure tenant, visitor and pedestrian safety. While the Department of Buildings (DOB) issues thousands of citations for building code violations each year, seriously unsafe conditions are still widespread and cause many serious accidents and injuries.

Representing Victims of Falls, Fires, Attacks and Other Injury-Causing Events

If you or a family member has been seriously injured in an apartment building or on commercial property and believe owner negligence is the cause, we encourage you to contact us right away. At the Law Offices of Nussin S. Fogel, we have in-depth knowledge of the NYC building code, premises liability laws, certain sections of the NYC Housing Maintenance Code, and other relevant laws and regulations covering:

  • Fire prevention, detection and egress/escape
  • Maintenance of safe stairways and elevators
  • Prompt repair of known faulty wiring or other electrical problems that can lead to apartment fires
  • Mandatory removal of lead paint, mold and other toxins
  • Reasonable security measures to protect tenant and visitor safety
  • Snow and ice removal in winter

Proving Unsafe Conditions and Property Owner Negligence

Our firm is committed to thoroughly investigating apartment complex accidents resulting in serious injury and other injury-causing events on dangerous property. Our investigations always include evaluating whether building, housing or fire code violations were committed, which add considerable strength to our client's case for financial compensation.

This level of diligence has helped our New York City building code violation injury lawyers deliver positive results for many victims of falls, fires, structural collapses and other accidents over the past two and a half decades. To discuss what happened to you and get our caring, experienced attorneys involved in your case, beginning with a free consultation, call 888-391-8546 now.

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