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New York City Construction Zone Accident Attorney

Queens Dangerous Roadway Injury Lawyer

Were You Injured in a Road Construction Zone in New York? Contact Nussin S. Fogel today.

Street or roadway construction in New York often results in hazardous conditions for workers, drivers, pedestrians and neighbors. Dangerous conditions brought about by street and roadway construction often include the following:

  • Potholes, ruts and depressions caused by heavy equipment
  • Improperly placed or fastened roadway plates
  • Misplaced or inaccurate signage
  • Unlevel or depressed temporary sidewalks

Did you suffer an injury requiring surgery or other serious injury when you were walking, driving, riding as a passenger or bicycling past a road construction area? Were you involved in a car accident on a roadway with potholes or other defects?

Contact attorney Nussin S. Fogel to schedule a consultation regarding your accident, your injury and your financial needs. If we represent you, we will leave no stone unturned in pursuit of the facts most likely to lead to a successful outcome after your accident.

Brooklyn Street Construction Accident Law Firm

We are fighters when it comes to pursuit of fair compensation for accident victims. We do not roll over or play dead for insurance companies. We are persistent whether in pursuing our client's legal rights or investigating the cause of an accident.
Talk to a Lawyer After an Accident Caused by Street or Roadway Construction in New York City

Contact Nussin S. Fogel to discuss an injury that resulted from an accident involving street or roadway construction. To work with a lawyer who will handle your case personally and work hard on your behalf after a New York City accident, contact the law offices of Nussin S. Fogel. Schedule a consultation by phone or e-mail.

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