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Bike Accident in Queens Leaves Teen Seriously Injured

An early evening bike accident in Queens ended with a 16-year-old boy in the hospital and police searching for not one but two hit-and-run drivers. The young man, Andre Brandon Gonzales, was riding his bike in front of his grandmother's house on 143rd Street around 7PM on May 8th when he was struck by two cars. Eyewitnesses saw both drivers simply cover their faces and keep on driving as if nothing had happened.

Deadly Bicycle Accident in New York City Kills Young Woman

A devastating bicycle accident in the East Village earlier this month sent a cyclist to the hospital suffering from critical injuries. The 31-year-old woman was riding along First Avenue early on the morning of April 5th when she was struck by a delivery truck. EMTs arrived within minutes of the accident and were able to stabilize the victim, Kelly Hurley, and transport her to nearby Bellevue Hospital. Reports show she suffered head and body trauma during the collision.

Safety Advocates Alarmed by Number of Bicycle and Pedestrian Accidents in New York City

New York City has a population of over 8 million people. It is therefore not surprising that the true number of bicycle and pedestrian accidents in New York City has been pretty much kept a secret. Few of these tragic accidents make headlines (only if it involves someone famous) and most remain unreported to the general public. That's why safety advocates were shocked to learn that NYC's official traffic accident data shows over 10,000 pedestrians and 4,200 bicyclists were injured in crashes last year.

Bicycle Accident in the Bronx Kills Man Riding on Broadway

A fatal afternoon bicycle accident in The Bronx claimed the life of a man riding properly in the travel lane. At roughly 12 noon, 59-year-old Jing Yin Jiang was riding his bike northbound on Broadway near West 89th Street when he was struck from behind by a box truck. Eyewitness reports show that the truck had swerved into the bicyclist's path and struck the victim, him, tossing him to the ground.

A Tragic Bicycle Accident In Manhattan Claims Texas Woman's Life

While it's true that the majority of crashes and fatal bicycle accidents in New York City involve automobiles but not every accident is caused by distracted or negligent automobile drivers. Indeed, every year dozens of individuals are injured while riding on bike paths throughout the city.

Fatal Bicycle Accidents in New York Top Last Year's Number Already

As winter approaches the city's "bicycle season" is winding down. Official statistics unfortunately show that the number of fatal bicycle accidents in New York City this year has already topped last year's and there are still months to go before 2016 comes to an end.

Investigators Search for Cause of Near-Fatal Bicycle Accident in Park Slope

A bicycle accident in New York City has investigators searching for answers. On Wednesday August 31st a bicyclist was travelling along Sixth Avenue in Park Slope when he was struck and severely injured by a 25-year old motorist. While the driver of the automobile says the bicyclists veered in front of him, at least one eyewitness says that the cyclist was not at fault.

Bicycle Accident in Queens Claims Life of Elderly Man

A fatal bicycle accident in Queens earlier this month stole the life of a beloved 78-year old man. Michael Schenkman was an avid cyclist and despite his advanced age rode his bicycle nearly 20 miles on a daily basis. He was bicycling east along Northern Boulevard in Queens on Wednesday August 24th when he was struck from behind by a motorist and dragged approximately 25 feet. Rescue crews were unable to resuscitate him and Mr. Schenkman, who had just gotten marred this spring, passed away at the scene.

Study Says Left Turning Traffic Causes the Most Bicycle Accidents in New York City

A new study by the NYC DOT takes a much closer look at the correlation between left turning traffic and fatal bicycle accidents in New York City. Between 2010 and 2014 there were just over 800 pedestrian and cyclists fatalities in New York. 108 of the victims were killed by left turning traffic-almost 13% of all the pedestrian and cyclists fatalities in New York.

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