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Horrifying Bus Accident in Queens Kills 3 injures 16

A terrible bus accident in Queens that left first responders in shock killed three people injured over a dozen more. The charter bus accident occurred at 6:15 AM at the intersection of Main Street and Northern Boulevard in Flushing. Video surveillance cameras caught the horror as it unfolded.

Car Accident in Brooklyn Kills Off-Duty Cop

An off-duty NYPD officer was killed in a fiery car accident in Brooklyn earlier this month. 27-year old Bianca Bennett-an NYPD rookie-was killed when the Dodge Durango she was a passenger in ran off the roadway, flipped over several times, and then caught fire. The accident occurred around midnight at the intersection of City Island Road and Park Drive. Witnesses describe an explosion and fireball - a horrific scene unlike anything they had ever seen before.

Wall Collapse Onto Cross Bronx Expressway Sends Tons of Bricks into Roadway

Commuters travelling along the Cross Bronx Expressway on January 13th narrowly avoided tragedy when tons of bricks broke free from the facade of a retaining wall and landed in the travel lane, narrowly missing cars. This wall collapse although not a typical example, is one of the dangers we and everyday commuters face on the roads and unsafe highways in New York City. Unfortunately, many bear the physical and emotional scars to prove it.

New York Truck Driver Charged in School Bus Accident

A late December school bus accident involving a New York City truck driver has resulted in criminal charges. 57-year old Benjamin Bramble was operating an 18-wheel U.S. Xpress tractor-trailer which caused a multi-car pile-up involving a school bus on December 20th. The police from Morgan County are charging the truck driver with failure to maintain control of his vehicle, even though, thankfully the New York City truck accident ended with all the children healthy and whole.

Pedestrian Accident in Queen Kills One Teenager Send Another to Hospital

Two young girls were walking to school early on the morning of October 14th in Ozone Park when they were struck by a Chevy operated by an unnamed 55-year old driver. The girls were just a few hundred feet from their high school when the terrifying pedestrian accident in Queens occurred. The two teenagers were crossing the street near the intersection of Cross Bay Boulevard and 149th Avenue when the oncoming car crashed into them both.

New York School Bus Accident Sends Dozens of Students to Hospital

Dozens of children were injured in a terrifying school bus accident in New York earlier this month. The high-school-aged children were travelling in two separate buses along the Palisades Interstate Parkway just north of New York City on the afternoon of October 15th when the two buses collided with each other, tossing students and chaperones about the interiors.

N.J. Crash highlights the Risk of Deadly Bus Accidents in New York City

Most of the fatal bus accidents in New York City victims are pedestrians and bicyclists who are struck and injured or killed because the drivers of these multi-ton vehicles simply don't see them. However, as one chaotic bus accident in Newark demonstrates, even passengers on public transportation are not immune.

Study Says Left Turning Traffic Causes the Most Bicycle Accidents in New York City

A new study by the NYC DOT takes a much closer look at the correlation between left turning traffic and fatal bicycle accidents in New York City. Between 2010 and 2014 there were just over 800 pedestrian and cyclists fatalities in New York. 108 of the victims were killed by left turning traffic-almost 13% of all the pedestrian and cyclists fatalities in New York.

School Bus Accident in Brooklyn Sends Victim to Hospital

An early morning school bus accident in Brooklyn on March 11th ended with 8 people injured--one of whom was sent to the hospital for treatment. The school bus - a mini-bus with an undisclosed number of passengers on board - was crossing the Brooklyn Bridge and had just reached the Tillary Street intersection when it collided with at least one (and possibly two) other vehicles. The crash occurred just before 8 AM when thousands of young children are on their way to schools across New York City.

Woman Visiting from Away Killed in Truck Accident in Manhattan

A tragic truck accident in New York City has claimed the life of a young woman in town for the weekend. 48-year old Elise Lachowyn was in New York for the North American International Toy fair when she was struck and killed by a dump truck while crossing the street. The accident occurred along 11th Avenue near West 37th Street at roughly 10 o'clock in the morning on Friday February 15th.

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