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Building Façade Collapse in the Bronx Leaves One Critically Injured

One person was rushed to the hospital after a partial facade collapse in the Bronx late last month. The unnamed victim was walking along a stretch of sidewalk which passed beneath a building at 391 E. 149th Street at the time of the accident. Witnesses report seeing a large piece of the building's façade break free from a decorative section of molding near the roof and fall from a height of at least six stories before smashing into the sidewalk below.

Faulty Locks Led to Boy's Death in Queens

Earlier this month, a tragic housing complex accident in Queens ended with two generations of one family shattered by the loss of one "very good boy." The 5-year-old victim's parents had left him in the care of his grandparents while they ran a few errands. Unbeknownst to the caretakers, the boy climbed out of a third-floor window and died after falling to the ground below. A preliminary investigation concluded that faulty locks on the bathroom door directly contributed to his death.

Falling Ice Accident in Manhattan Leaves Man with Head Trauma

This winter's abnormal weather has created a variety of hazards for New Yorkers to deal including ice falling from skyscrapers and multi-story buildings. The recent snow storm combined with the temperature fluctuations created the perfect conditions to create ice buildup on the rooves and facades of buildings in New York. And that buildup can be deadly. One man is counting his blessings this week after suffering minor head trauma in a falling ice accident in Manhattan.

Doorman Dies While Shoveling Snow in New York City

A bizarre icy sidewalk accident in New York City has claimed the life of a respected doorman on the Upper East Side. The doorman, 59-year-old Miguel Gonzales, was killed after slipping and falling on the snow-covered sidewalk outside the building in which he worked. Multiple reports state that Gonzales was shoveling snow in front of a building located at East 93rd Street when he slipped on the sidewalk and somehow ended up crashing through a plate glass window. Sheets of such glass can weigh several hundred pounds and have razor-like edges when the pane shatters.

Learn the Right Way to Fall

City sidewalks can be a dangerous place. Every winter hundreds of New Yorkers are sent to area emergency rooms suffering from sprains, deep bruising, broken bones, and worse after slipping and falling on sidewalks. But if you learn a few tips you can learn to fall the right way and minimize your risk of serious injury, lost time from work and medical expenses.

Toddler Seriously Hurt in Fall from Queens Window

A two-year old child was rushed the hospital on January 13th suffering severe, life-threatening injuries after she fell out of a second-story window of a home in a Queens. EMTs arrived on the scene of the apartment accident in Queens to find the little one conscious and crying but bleeding from the face. She was taken to nearby Long Island Jewish Medical Center where she was listed as stable but in critical condition. While the infant is expected to make a full recovery, she will likely face lifelong disfiguring scars.

New Landlord Watch List Shines Light on New York's 100 Worst Landlords

It's no secret that some of the landlords in New York City spend as little as they can on the upkeep of their apartment complexes. But these cheapskate landlords are putting the lives of their tenants at risk. Every year apartment complex accidents in New York City send hundreds of unsuspecting victims to the hospital suffering from falls, injuries caused by ceiling collapses, electrical burns from faulty wiring, and respiratory problems caused by toxic mold growth. Landlords have a responsibility to keep their tenants reasonably safe.

Uncleared Snow and Ice Public Sidewalk Accidents in New York

After a relatively mild start, winter is finally here again along the East Coast. Ice and snow covered sidewalk accident in New York are something all of us should be thinking about. Every year there are hundreds of slip and fall accidents around the City which send people to emergency rooms. Injuries can range from bumps and bruises to head injuries and compound bone fractures. These individuals may require surgeries combined with extensive time lost from work for rehabilitation.

Ice and Snow Covered Sidewalk Accident in New York City?

During an average winter, New York City can receive up to 60 inches of snow-sometimes even more. This can make travelling (even on foot) extremely dangerous-especially if residents don't honor their obligation to clear ice and snow from sidewalks. In fact, hundreds of individuals are taken to emergency departments around the city every year because they've fallen on improperly cleared sidewalks.

New High-Heel-Friendly Surfaces Aimed at Eliminating Sidewalk Grate Accidents in New York City

There are thousands of slotted sidewalk grates around New York City--some of which cover holes up to seventy feet deep or more. While walking over them, they present the risk on any given day of a slip and fall sidewalk accidents in New York.

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