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Pedestrian Accident in The Bronx Leaves 2 Injured

A terrible pedestrian accident in The Bronx sent two people to the hospital late last month. The victims, one adult and one child, were crossing the street near 1610 Sedgwick Ave. in Morris Heights early on the afternoon of October 26th when a car smashed into them. FDNY arrived on scene within minutes and rushed both victims to nearby New York-Presbyterian/Columbia University Medical Center. One of the victims was listed in serious condition. The other was listed as critical.

Safety Advocates Alarmed by Number of Bicycle and Pedestrian Accidents in New York City

New York City has a population of over 8 million people. It is therefore not surprising that the true number of bicycle and pedestrian accidents in New York City has been pretty much kept a secret. Few of these tragic accidents make headlines (only if it involves someone famous) and most remain unreported to the general public. That's why safety advocates were shocked to learn that NYC's official traffic accident data shows over 10,000 pedestrians and 4,200 bicyclists were injured in crashes last year.

Woman Injured by Falling Bricks in New York City

Many of us simply don't consider the danger lurking above our heads every day in New York City. Loose bricks, steel panels, glass, and tree limbs can come crashing down in an instant leaving very little time to react. Unfortunately, one woman found that out the hard way while walking along a stretch of sidewalk in Midtown earlier this month. The horrifying dangerous premises accident in New York City occurred on 45 W. 34th Street near 5th Avenue on April 18th when bricks fell from on high. Eyewitnesses say the bricks fell from "many stories" above, generating tremendous momentum as they plummeted to earth.

Increase in Fatal Pedestrian Accidents in New York Calls Into Question the Effectiveness of Vision Zero

In spite of the numerous improvements put in place by the Mayor's Office and the NYDOT as part of the City's commitment to the Vision Zero policy, the number of car accidents in New York City is on the rise. In fact, January saw the number of car accidents in New York top 17,000 for the first time in recorded history. And while the overall number of pedestrian accidents in New York City has dropped slightly, the number of people killed in crashes on city streets has jumped significantly.

Crane Accident in New York Results in $40 Million Lawsuit

A crane accident in Manhattan that killed one man and injured three people last month has resulted in a $40 million lawsuit against the City of New York. The lawsuit, filed by a 73-year old victim of the crane collapse in Manhattan, alleges that the city was negligent in its duty to protect passersby. While the city does perform safety inspections at such job sites, there is a question whether the jobsite are adequately inspected.

Trash Truck Causes Fatal Pedestrian Accident in Manhattan

A sanitation truck caused a fatal pedestrian accident in New York City earlier this week which claimed the life of 56-year old Jodi McGrath. According to published reports, Mrs. McGrath was crossing the street at the intersection of First Avenue and East 92nd Street on the Upper East Side just after 4 AM on March 15th when a sanitation truck crashed into her. The commercial truck accident in Manhattan appeared to be relatively insignificant at first.

Taxi Accident in New York Claims Life of 77-Year Old Pedestrian

A tragic taxi accident in Manhattan recently claimed the life of a 77-year old woman. Reports show Carol Dauplaise--well known in New York's jewelry industry--was crossing the street when she was struck and pinned underneath a livery cab in Murray Hill on the morning of February 29th. EMTs quickly arrived and rushed her to nearby Bellevue Hospital. However, her injuries were too severe and she succumbed shortly after being admitted to the ER.

Queens Woman Killed in Cement Truck Accident in New York

A Queens woman was killed while crossing the street late last month. 61-year old Nancy Ventura was crossing College Point Boulevard mid-morning on January 22nd--just one block from her home--when she was struck and killed by a cement truck. There are conflicting reports as to whether this latest commercial truck accident in Queens could have been avoided.

New York City Braces for Snow While Pedestrians Curse Slippery Sidewalks

After a relatively mild start to the winter it appears as if the East Coast is finally seeing the sort of snow, sleet, and ice it's used to. This makes travel conditions treacherous for everyone, including those of us who walk city streets. Indeed, snow and ice covered sidewalk accidents in New York City are a very real concern for pedestrians.

Falling Ice in Manhattan Sends Woman to Hospital

Slip and fall accidents in New York aren't the only danger in the city after a snowfall. In fact, after a prolonged period of snow build-up or as temperatures warms enough to melt ice off roofs and building facades, New York City sidewalks become danger zones for pedestrians. Icicles and large clumps of snow weighing 40 pounds or more can break loose and hurdle to the sidewalk below. Every year these falling ice accidents in New York injure people, some very severely which often means lost time from work.

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