Warming: Icy conditions ahead on the roads

Obama has not even finished campaigning when Hurricane Sandy struck New York and the surrounding area, with devastating consequences. This added to the traditional winter snowfall, ice and blustery winds. Only very recently a giant blizzard (Nemo) hit the northeastern states, adding as much as three feet of snow in some parts of the northeast. With flights postpones, over 11 inches of snow in Central Park, and the National Guard deployed to bring support to areas totally snowed in and to keep the highways moving, an all out effort was needed to keep New York moving.

Such extreme weather which the region has experienced recently has brought with it tales of cold weather related accidents and incidents and fatalities.

This is extremely evident when it comes to the roads around NYC. Such snow, often reduced visibility, and icy roads, can make driving quite challenging and potentially dangerous, even to motor vehicle drivers well used to such conditions on the roads. Many authorities and agencies always advocate driving with extreme care during bad weather, but the increased risk arising from driving in bad weather conditions makes the prospect of being involved in Auto Accidents greater than usual.

Even if not on the roads, the prospect of a pedestrian being struck by a car skidding on ice, for example, has been greatly increased by the weather. The cold can make cars less roadworthy, resulting in the prospect of incidents happening. A car losing control and veering into a building, either a business or a home, would be not unexpected in such weather. The damage and loss that can be suffered in this way can be very high- even fatal.

Although after any car accident, there is a lot to deal with and worry about, seeking a remedy for the accident and taking things to court should be the least of your worries. If involved in a car accident, a motor vehicle specialist lawyer can help. A personal injury attorney can advise you if you have a claim, or how to defend against a claim, and can help in getting recompense for any damages or loss suffered. A motor vehicle lawyer can also file your claim, and assist and represent you throughout the whole legal process, making the legal aspects of the aftermath of a car accident easier for you.

Whilst the cold weather and snow is still around- drive safe. Be advised and prepared for any eventuality or conditions on the road. After all, you would not want to be another road traffic statistic, or to have been a part of a car accident.

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