New Vehicles Won't Prevent Bus Accidents in New York City

Public transportation buses have been responsible for a shocking number of fatal pedestrian accidents in New York City in recent years. In 2015 alone there were 7 deadly crashes involving pedestrians and 1 involving a cyclist. Many times the drivers of the buses involved say they never even saw the pedestrians they struck and killed.

This past week the MTA launched 75 of its new public transport buses. These are just a few of the 2,000 vehicles that are destined to replace over 40% of the MTA's bus fleet over the next several years. These "state of the art" buses come with Wi-Fi, USB charging ports, and a host of upgraded amenities to help travelers enjoy the ride-but none to help keep them safe outside the bus.

Paul Steely White, executive director of Transportation Alternatives told the local CBS affiliate that the first upgrades to the bus fleet should have been those that save lives and prevent bus accidents in New York City. Such safety equipment does exist and is in use in other cities around the world. In fact, New York is in the early testing phases with two separate safety systems:

•· The first is a system that would broadcast audible warnings to pedestrians outside the bus. (The volume of the alarm would automatically adjust to ambient noise levels, ensuring it can be heard over traffic and other noise pollution.)

•· The second system designed to prevent pedestrian accidents in New York is a collision sensor that would notify bus drivers if a pedestrian or bicycle was in a crash zone-such as one of the many blind spots by which bus drivers are challenged.

The MTA says that to fully implement both systems the city would have to pay out $77 million. Until then, pedestrians still have to be responsible for their own safety on the streets of New York.

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