People Narrowly Escape Injury in New York City Building Collapse

A building collapse in New York City happened just minutes after a waterfront park it sat in front of closed for the evening. According to a FDNY statement the timing really couldn't have been better--it happened when nobody was around. Had the building collapsed any sooner, the likelihood of injuries--possibly even fatalities--would have been much higher.

The warehouse was located at the front of the Bush Terminal Piers Park. The building was one of a group of 10 acquired by the City of New York in 2002. It had sat vacant since then, untended and unmaintained. It collapsed into 43rd Street (near First Avenue) just after 9 PM on June 1st.

Residents that live nearby were shocked that the City owned building was allowed to become a danger to the public. Records show that the power was cut and the building boarded up shortly after it was purchased. It was scheduled for demolition later this year but it appears the elements weakened the structure past the point of no return. Fire Department officials said the roof likely gave way first, collapsing the rest of the structure as it fell.

This recent building collapse in New York brings into question the safety of the hundreds of other city and non-city owned buildings. These buildings often sit vacant for years with nobody caring for them or even bothering to visually inspect them. These ignored buildings are literally ticking time bombs.

Owners (including The City of New York) that do not regularly inspect, make timely repairs to or block off potentially hazardous buildings, trees, sidewalks, fire escapes, and basement vault doors may be held liable for injuries sustained by innocent passersby for their neglect.

If you have been hurt because a building is in disrepair, the property owner may be liable for your injuries. Contact an experienced New York City building collapse attorney at the Law Offices of Nussin S. Fogel to get the financial compensation you deserve. For a free consultation, call 800-734-9338 or 212-385-1122 today to learn your rights.

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