A Tragic Bicycle Accident In Manhattan Claims Texas Woman's Life

While it's true that the majority of crashes and fatal bicycle accidents in New York City involve automobiles but not every accident is caused by distracted or negligent automobile drivers. Indeed, every year dozens of individuals are injured while riding on bike paths throughout the city.

Central Park is a wonderful place to stroll, jog, and bike under the shade trees right in the heart of the city. But poorly maintained surfaces and crowded conditions can and do lead to injuries and even death.

Unfortunately, that's a fact that the family of 54-year old Gloria Garcia, a teaching assistant from Corpus Christi, Texas, knows all too well. Gloria was visiting New York City with family when she decided to take her young daughter and sister on a bike ride through Central Park in early July of this year.

All was well until, as Garcia's sister told police, she was "cut off" by a pedicab driver. Garcia swerved to miss the pedicab, lost control of her bike, and was tossed over the handlebars. She landed on her head, suffering severe trauma. Rescuers arrived on scene quickly and rushed her to the hospital but Garcia's wounds proved fatal.

The NYPD investigated this Central Park bicycle accident and concluded that the accident was due to the victim's inability to control her bike for her death, not the negligent actions of another rider.

Under New York law, family members of accident victims can file civil lawsuits seeking financial compensation for fatalities caused by individuals (such as the pedicab driver) or entities which may have contributed to the accident. These lawsuits are instituted to recoup medical and funeral expenses as well as lost financial support for dependents like Mrs. Garcia's 16-year old daughter. For an injured accident victim, the lawsuit would be for pain and suffering for the injuries sustained and lost time from work.

If you have been injured because of another person's negligence while on your bike, contact an experienced New York City bicycle accident lawyer today. Call the Law Offices of Nussin S. Fogel at 800-734-9338 or 212- 385-1122 right now.

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