The Winter Season in NYC Means Slippery Floors Everywhere You Go

Out shopping or celebrating this holiday season? Watch your step! Snow, ice, and rain water inside create the perfect conditions for slip and fall accidents. Wet floors in stores, coffee shops, apartment buildings, parking lots (indoor and outdoor) and office complexes cause hundreds of serious slippery floor accidents in New York City every year. All it takes is a small patch of water or half-melted snow, or a patch of ice underfoot and you fall hard.

The fall itself often results in sprains and strains but hitting hard tile, concrete, asphalt or even hardwood floors from a standing position can result in broken bones--especially wrist and arm bones when a person is sticking his or her arm in order to break the fall. Older folks are more susceptible to fractures especially to the hip-which can lead to a serious decline in the person's general health. These types of injuries require expensive emergency room and follow-up treatment and extended physical therapy.

However, slips and falls can deal even more damage. A slippery floor accident victim in New York City can sustain head trauma which can leave the accident victim with devastating residuals, forcing the person to struggle with the after effects for the rest of their lives.

A property owner (or the commercial business owner) is responsible for reasonably maintaining the premises and adjacent sidewalk. On the outside, they must keep sidewalks cleared of snow and keep the interiors dry if the floors become wet and slippery.

If you slip and fall inside a building or even a corner coffee shop or supermarket because someone failed to clean up the water that accumulated after a storm, you could have the basis for a personal injury lawsuit. The at-fault parties should be ordered to pay for your medical expenses, pain and suffering and lost wages.

You should seek out an experienced New York City slippery floor accident attorney to find out if you're entitled to financial compensation. Call the Law Offices of Nussin S. Fogel at 800-734-9338 or 212385-1122 without any further delay.

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