Gap Could Cause Deadly Train Accident in New York City Experts Say

In an exclusive investigation, reporters from the Local ABC affiliate have uncovered a potentially deadly hazard. The fault-a 26-inch long gap in the rail line maintained by Conrail-has the potential to cause a massive derailment and chemical spill. The potentially deadly train accident in New York City may only be avoided if the fault is repaired right away.

The gap was discovered by Eyewitness News earlier this month. They collected photo and video evidence of fully-loaded trains (some carrying hazardous chemicals) rolling over the gap-essentially derailing then re-railing. Experts, including a former NTSB investigator, who examined the evidence concluded that not only does this gap pose a tremendous public safety risk but, judging from the damage to the street around the track, it has been present for quite some time.

In what can only be described as "a disaster waiting to happen" local residents regularly see hazardous loads thumping over the gap. One tanker car that rolled over the missing rail while reporters were watching was filled with highly corrosive, highly toxic sulfuric acid. If the car had derailed and spilled, a corrosive cloud could have enveloped the entire neighborhood in minutes.

When investigators reached out to Conrail a representative said that the gap was "safe" because trains crossing the gap were restricted to just two miles per hour.

Mass transportation companies-including the MTA and New York City Transit Authority-have a responsibility to keep rail passengers safe. But they also have a duty to those who live and work around the rails. If you've been injured in a subway in New York City, these companies and New York City could be financially liable for your injuries.

Whether you are a Transit Authority worker or subway rider and have been injured by an oncoming train or slipped, tripped and fell because of a platform or stairway that was debris ridden, wet or cracked, contact an experienced New York City train accident lawyer immediately.

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