Falling Tree Limb Accident in New York Kills Girl

A young girl was killed by a falling tree limb earlier this month while her poor mother stood witness. The 11-year-old victim was trapped inside an SUV struck by a falling tree. The tree was broken by wind kicked up during a severe storm that hit parts of New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. This tragic tree limb accident in New York demonstrates the very real danger associated with high winds that many of us simply ignore.

Details of the tree limb accident are still emerging but it appears as if the girl's mother had just parked the family vehicle when a gust of wind snapped a significant portion of a large tree off. The broken portion crashed down onto the SUV, crumpling it like tin foil, and trapped the girl inside. Pictures taken after the accident show the entire roof of the SUV flattened onto the passenger compartment.

Firefighters responding to this tragic falling tree accident in New York cut portions of the car away with the Jaws of Life but by the time they were able to extricate the victim from the wreckage her injuries had taken a tragic toll. She was rushed to a nearby hospital but doctors were unable to save her.

While nobody can be held responsible for "an act of God," property owners are responsible to inspect and maintain their trees in order to prevent falling tree limb accidents in New York. Property owners (private citizens, corporations, and even the City of New York) who do not inspect and maintain the trees on their property can be held accountable. If the trees are not inspected periodically or potential safety hazards (such as broken limbs, rot, or disease) are noticed and not treated, those owners are responsible to an injured person for either not removing the problem (limbing or felling the tree) or not blocking the area underneath the tree.

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