Queens Bicycle Accident Leads to Lawsuit

A man injured in a bicycle accident in Queens is suing the NYPD. The man was riding his bicycle along 43rd Avenue when an unmarked police car pulled up behind him. The officers in the car attempted to pull the man over but in the process the patrol car struck his bicycle and the man was thrown to the ground.

The victim claims to have video footage from a nearby building's security camera that corroborates his story and allegedly shows the cop car getting dangerously close to him while he was on his bicycle. The man is now suffering from chronic back pain.

The officers involved claimed that the man was resisting arrest after being dismounted from his bicycle and that was how he injured himself but, again, video evidence seems to support the victim's story of events and not the officers.

Regardless of the criminal charges involved in the case, NYPD officers are not above the law. If they strike cyclists while rolling down the street in their patrol cars, the collision should be treated just like any other bicycle accident in New York City.

Cyclists have the right of way and the law requires that motorists give cyclists the space they need to travel safely. If a motorist (regardless of their official affiliations) breaks those laws, they should be held responsible. The cyclist has every right file a personal injury claim against the motorist to seek compensation for pain and suffering, lost wages, damage to the bicycle and any unpaid medical or hospital bills. Also, a bicyclist is treated just like a pedestrian and is eligible for no-fault benefits for medical bills, lost wages and all out of pocket health related expenses.

If you are riding your bicycle and are injured by the negligent actions of any motorist including a city employee (from NYPD officers to an MTA bus driver), you can are entitled to seek damages. Don't let the driver's official status intimidate you. Contact an experienced New York City bicycle accident attorney today. Call the Law Offices of Nussin S. Fogel at 800-734-9338 or 212-385-1122.

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