Police Facing Allegations of Excessive Force in New York City

Another victim has come forth claiming to be the victim of excessive force at the hands of NYPD officers. Rudy Collins, a youth basketball coach, was stopped while driving his car through Queens. He claims that while he was complying with the demands of the multiple NYPD officers, several of the officers used excessive force in order to detain him.

Cellphone video shot at the scene of the arrest shows multiple officers surrounding Mr. Collins. It also shows the struggle that ensues and captures Mr. Collins' terrified screams as the uniformed police detain him.

In this instance of excessive force in New York City, the victim alleges that at least one of the officers twisted his arm behind his back so hard that he thought it was broken. He was then forced to the ground where he was punched multiple times. One of officers, it is claimed, even twisted his genitals during the struggle.

After all that, he was taken into custody and charged with two relatively minor violations with no explanation as to why he was even stopped in the first place. After being released, he sought medical treatment at a nearby emergency room and was diagnosed with multiple sprains and bruising.

A friend of Mr. Collins and former NYPD officer said what he saw on the video was "embarrassing" and unprofessional behavior from the NYPD.

While the number of high profile cases of excessive force in New York City has decreased in recent years; the use of bodycams and a heightened sense of awareness, this example clearly shows that the risk to innocent victims isn't gone altogether.

There is no excuse for excessive force on the part of the NYPD when there is no resistance to the arrest. If you've been the victim of excessive force suffered at the hands of the police, you have the basis of a successful excessive force lawsuit in New York City. To get the compensation you deserve, speak with an experienced New York excessive force attorney today. Call the Law Offices of Nussin S. Fogel at 800-734-9338 or 212-385-1122 without any further delay.

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