Premises Liability Accident in New York May Have Been Caused by Construction

Pedestrians narrowly avoided tragedy earlier this month when a heavy glass window fell from the fifth floor of a building in Manhattan on September 13th. The glass and a portion of the window frame came crashing down, just missing pedestrians on the sidewalk below by mere inches. But this isn't a typical premises liability accident. This premises liability accident in New York could have been caused in part by a construction crew.

The FDNY arrived within minutes and blocked off the sidewalk near the accident scene. They also removed the remainder of the window, in order to prevent any potential injuries.

While falling object accidents most often occur at jobsites and on the sidewalks next to buildings under construction, sometimes work being done at a neighboring building can have adverse effects on structures nearby. This is why many times construction crews take precautions to protect neighboring structures and the innocent passersby below. Some suspect that's what happened in this case.

While New York City premises liability law is pretty clear when an accident occurs on privately owned property, when an object falls from above and injures an innocent passerby on the public sidewalk, determining the responsible party may is not be so easy. In this case, even if it's likely that work from the nearby construction site may have helped loosen the window's fasteners, causing it to fall, the structural stability of the window was the responsibility of the building's owner, not the construction company next door.

Getting to the bottom of this premises liability accident in New York will require an investigation into the state of maintenance and repair of the window in question and the activity logs kept by the construction company next door.

When proving legal liability against multiple parties, you need a skilled premises liability lawyer in New York City on your side. The professionals at the Law offices of Nussin S. Fogel have the experience and resources you need to get to prove your case and hold the responsible parties accountable. Call 800-734-9338 and 212-385-1122 for your free consultation today.

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