Company Fined $10,000 for Temporary Sidewalk Violations in New York City

A construction company was fined for its failure to safeguard pedestrians passing by a construction site in The Bronx last month. The New York City Department of Buildings (DoB) issued its monthly digest of construction and building violations and fines last month. One of the biggest fines was against a construction company for failing to install a temporary sidewalk. Temporary sidewalk accidents in New York City are critical to the safety of individuals passing by construction or renovation sites. These temporary safety installations are designed to keep passersby out of harm's way by preventing falling debris from striking them along providing even walking surfaces to prevent trip and fall accidents.

Safety Registrant JL Works, Inc., the company in charge of work at a site located at 540 East 142nd Street in the Bronx. The DoB inspected the site and found the company had failed to install the mandatory sidewalk and sidewalk shed at the site. The agency levied a steep $10,000 fine in response and directed the contractor overseeing the work to install the necessary safety additions immediately.

With so many temporary sidewalks in New York City, they've almost become a fixture of daily life. The general public doesn't generally notice them. However, that doesn't give contractors any excuse to cut corners when it comes to pedestrian safety. These safety measures are mandatory because they prevent serious injuries to innocent pedestrians.

However, if the temporary sidewalks and sidewalk sheds are not constructed correctly or maintained properly, they can actually become hazards themselves. That's why the Department of Buildings is so diligent about the installation and maintenance of these safeguards.

If you've been injured by falling debris, uneven walking surfaces, pits and holes, or construction spall while traversing past a construction site, you may be to hold the property owner and contractor in charge of the site liable for your injuries and lost time from work. Contact an experienced temporary sidewalk accident attorney in New York City today. Call the Law Offices of Nussin S. Fogel at 800-734-9338 or 212-385-1122 for your free consultation. 

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