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July 2013 Archives

Manhattan Man Drowns at Popular New York Summertime Destination

A 46-year old Manhattan resident was the second individual to drown in as many weeks at a popular New York summertime destination. Bear Mountain State Park is home to Hessian Lake, a lake which has claimed the lives of two New York City natives in the last month in spite of being "off limits" to swimmers.

ATV Accidents in New York City

Every year, hundreds of individuals die in ATV accidents across the country. Thousands are injured, many seriously-head and spinal injuries are common in these types of crashes. While New York City doesn't have a high percentage of ATV use compared to other regions of the state, that doesn't mean that New York City residents don't use ATVs. On the contrary, Upstate New York and regions across the country are popular vacation sites for New Yorkers and in all of those locations ATVs pose a significant risk to the health and wellbeing of NYC residents.

Safe Boating Tips for the New York City Summer

The summer boating season kicked off on July 4th and is expected to be one of the biggest ever. Official predictions estimate that 88 million boaters are hitting the waterways across the country this summer. That staggering figure includes the Hudson River, Long Island Sound, and other popular waterways inside New York City limits. Unfortunately, that congestion means the number of boating accidents is likely to increase as well.

Does Your Pool Comply with Safety Regulations?

With the availability of more affordable "temporary pools" (such as inflatables or soft-sided pools) the number of water hazards in New York City has grown tremendously. However, the vast majority of pool owners aren't even aware of the safety regulations put in place by state, city, and federal regulators in order to safeguard pool users, neighbors, and unattended children. (Sadly, many of the pool-related drowning accidents in New York City involve children under 15-years old.) Does your pool conform to safety codes? Does your neighbor's? Is there a real danger lurking in your backyard?

Disturbing Increase in Jobsite Accidents and Injuries in New York City

Disturbing numbers from a recent study show that the number of New York City construction accidents ballooned nearly 31% last year. Those accidents accounted for a whopping 46% increase in construction site injuries. Jobsite fatalities for that same time frame increased 142%, from 26 to 40.

Near Death Experience for 2-Year Old Queens Boy Highlights Danger of Pools

A July 4th celebration nearly turned tragic for a Queens family late Thursday afternoon. A two-year old child attending a Jay Avenue block party with parents was lost in the chaos of the scene. When he was spotted once more, he was unconscious and near death-floating in a neighbors pool. This near-fatal New York City drowning accident could have turned tragic if not for the quick thinking of several everyday heroes.

More Motorcycles on New York City Streets Means More Motorcycle Accidents

Senator Patty Ritchie recently put out a call to the public to be aware of the dramatically increased number of motorcyclists on New York streets-especially in the warm summer months (unfortunately, statistics show you're 30 times more likely to die on the back of a bike than in a car.) She reiterated that it is everyone's responsibility to ensure the New York City and state roadways are as safe as they can possibly be and announced the passage of a bill she sponsored in the state senate that would help increase safety for motorcyclists statewide.

Toddler Injured in Escalator Accident Highlights the "Unrecognized" Danger

Earlier this year, a one-year old boy was gruesomely injured in an escalator accident at the Upper West Side location of Barnes & Noble. The New York City escalator accident occurred in the heart of Manhattan when the youngster got his hand caught in the escalator and couldn't remove it in time. The boy was in the care of his nanny at the time and fell, causing his hand to get wedged in the steps of the escalator.

Accidental Drowning in New York City

Drowning is estimated to be the fourth leading cause of accidental death nationwide and the second leading cause of death of children under the age of fifteen. It may not be a danger you'd expect to encounter in an urban area but New York City drowning accidents claim the lives of dozens of people every year. Many die in unsafe swimming pools and spas. Still others lose their life to the sea after boating accidents miles or mere yards from shore. Even unguarded standing water can lead to a fatal drowning, especially when children are involved.

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