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November 2013 Archives

Passenger Injured In Queens Motorcycle Accident After Driver Loses Control

An early morning ride quickly turned tragic in Queens Sunday when a motorcycle carrying two men went out of control and struck a barrier in the northbound lane of the Cross Island Parkway. David Wilson, a 27-year old resident of South Richmond Hill, was at the controls when the bike veered off course and struck an immovable barrier at a high rate of speed. Both he and his passenger, who is as yet unidentified, were launched from the back and sustained massive trauma.

Intersection Accident Injures Ambulance Crew & Sanitation Workers

Usually ambulance crews are the ones helping victims of car accidents in NYC, not the ones who need the help. Unfortunately for one crew, this dramatic role reversal became a reality when a sanitation truck smashed into an ambulance at the corner of Dean Street and Classon Ave. in Brooklyn. Just after 10a.m., crews were called to respond to this bizarre intersection accident in which 4 municipal employees were injured.

Is the NYPD Doing Enough to Stop New York Auto Accidents?

As the City of New York tightens driving regulations in an effort to make City streets safer, critics of the NYPD say the police aren't doing enough to enforce traffic laws already on the books. According to a recent report by the City's leading transportation advocacy agency, New York auto accidents still claim the life of one City dweller every 33 hours. Additionally, every three hours a non-fatal traffic accident leaves a New Yorker suffering dismemberment, disfigurement, or permanent disability.

Defective Sidewalk Accident Lawsuits in New York City

There are over 12,750 miles of sidewalk in New York City. That's more than the distance between the westernmost tip of Portugal and easternmost point of Severny Island in Russia-the entire breadth of Europe! The Department of Transportation (DOT) replaces nearly 2 million square feet of sidewalk every year but that's less than 1%. With the traffic, weather patterns, and daily use that every inch of New York City sidewalk sees, it's no secret there are still miles of unsafe sidewalks out there. Indeed, there are roughly 2,500 lawsuits filed every year by pedestrians injured in defective sidewalk accidents in New York City.

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