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Family of Man Who Collapsed During Police Raid Files Lawsuit

The NYPD has come under a lot of attention from media outlets recently for a variety of different incidents. One of the most shocking is the death of Carlos Alcis. The 43-year old father of 8 collapsed during a police raid of his Brooklyn home and died after suffering a heart attack. The shocking part is that the NYPD had the wrong apartment. Police were reportedly looking for a robbery suspect when they barged into Alcis's home in the middle of the night. His family, in documents pertaining to their New York City wrongful death lawsuit, is arguing that the shock and stress of the police raid aggravated his existing heart condition and caused the fatal heart attack.

After hearing the medical examiner's final ruling (that Alcis did indeed die of a heart attack) surviving family members decided to pursue legal action against the NYPD. Additional details of the New York City wrongful death lawsuit show that the family is claiming police officers delayed calling EMTs after Alcis exhibited signs of distress, which dramatically decreased his chance of survival. Indeed, official documents show that it took an ambulance 30 minutes to arrive though Alcis's apartment is just three blocks from Brookdale University Hospital.

Indeed, it's unclear why the police even raided the apartment to begin with. They were in the area searching for a man accused of stealing a cellphone (who was arrested the next day) and had been knocking on doors but what made them enter Alcis's apartment has yet to be disclosed.

The family says that if police had been more diligent in their investigation and if they had responded more quickly to Mr. Alcis's obvious distress that their father would still be alive today. They're suing for $10 million.

This tragic New York City wrongful death lawsuit illustrates just how a simple mix up led to the death of an integral part of a large family, a family that will have to learn to live without their loved one.

When such tragedies do occur, surviving family members should contact an expert New York City wrongful death attorney who can file a lawsuit against the at-fault parties. Call the Law Offices of Nussin S. Fogel for a free consultation to learn your rights at (800) 734-9338 or (212) 385-1122.

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