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Construction Worker Crushed by Falling Concrete in Manhattan

A fatal construction accident in Manhattan late last month claimed the life of a 27-year old hardhat. Rodolfo Vasquez-Galain was working at a jobsite in the Garment District-building a new hotel from the ground up--when a massive improperly secured slab of concrete, weighing tons, apparently fell from a higher floor and came down on him. He was crushed from the waist down. His fellow workers rushed to his aid and tried but failed to lift the slab off of him. Firefighters arrived on scene within minutes. He was declared dead at the scene.

Construction Accident On Upper East Side a Close Call for Workers

A construction accident in New York late last month was a close call for workers refurbishing an apartment building located at 235 West 79th Street. A parapet on top of the roof collapsed, sending tons of brick tumbling got the ground below. The bricks smashed through a scaffolding set up to give workers access to upper levels and rained down on a cordoned-off area around the side of the building. Parts of the scaffolding also became unsecured and fell as well, adding to the dangerous projectiles. The falling objects finally smashed through a shed on the property but thankfully no one was injured.

Power Outages Lead to Electrical Burns at Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum

An electrical accident in New York City's riverfront could have been much worse than it was. Two employees were sent to the hospital and another was placed under medical observation for injuries sustained while trying to repair the power supply at a well-known New York City pier, home of the Intrepid Air, Sea & Space Museum. The three individuals were attempting to solve the power outage that had caused the museum to delay opening on July 8th. Something happened and all three ended up with electrical burns. None of the injuries were life-threatening but two of the individuals could have extended medical difficulties and life-long scarring from electrical burns.

Slip and Fall Accidents Once Again Leading Killer at Construction Jobsites

A review of data compiled by NYCOSH (New York Committee for Occupational Safety and Health) shows that out of all the fatal construction accidents in New York last year, half were slip and fall accidents. That means that falls from heights equaled all the other fatalities combined.

New York Fall From Scaffolding Claims Life of Construction Worker in Midtown

Rescue workers responded to a call concerning a fall from scaffolding in New York City on Wednesday, April 2 but arrived too late to save the life of a 40-year old man. The incident occurred at roughly 2PM at the Dream Hotel in Midtown Manhattan. The individual was working on a four-story scaffolding extending up to the building's eighth floor. The cause of the fall isn't clear but the construction worker fell four stories to a landing that circles the entire building.

Falls were Number One Killer of New York City Construction Workers in 2013

The New York City Buildings Acting Commissioner Thomas Fariello announced some excellent news last week. Deaths related to construction accidents in New York City fell by 62% in 2013. That's a massive proportional drop from the eight workers killed in 2012-especially considering the number of jobsite work permits increased over29% during that same time frame. While Mayor De Blasio's office cites the drop in deaths as a step in the right direction, it is clear that there is more work to do. While deaths are down, injuries and accidents overall are up. Indeed, the numbers show that total construction accidents increased by nearly 6% citywide.

Construction and Manufacturing Lead Job-Related Eye Injuries and Vision Loss

Job-related eye injuries are a common cause of vision loss in New York City. Vision loss includes full or partial blindness and what is often described as "legal" blindness. But which New Yorkers are at the highest risk?

New York City Officials Combat Crane Accidents

There have been an alarming number of dramatic and potentially deadly crane accidents in New York City in recent years. The 2008 collapse at 303 East 51st Street, for example, is still making headlines today because investigators uncovered falsified inspection documents.

Temporary Sidewalk Accidents: The Danger to Pedestrians During Construction

Temporary sidewalks are a common sight in New York at construction sites and in areas undergoing significant roadwork. These structures-covered or otherwise-are designed to protect passing pedestrians from hazards due to construction. These hazards can include automobile traffic, uneven walking surfaces, falling objects, and much more. However, temporary sidewalk accidents in New York can occur if the structures are improperly installed or improperly maintained.

New York City Construction Wall Collapse Injuries Three Pedestrians

A New York City construction accident at 561 Seventh Ave injured unsuspecting pedestrians on November first of this year. A construction wall collapse in Manhattan, near Times Square, sent three passersby to the hospital. Heavy debris fell on the three pedestrians, trapping them until good Samaritans were able to clear it and pull the victims from the wreckage.

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