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Bronx Elevator Accident Kills Young Man

A rare elevator accident in New York City has claimed the life of a young man. Responders were called to a building at 680 Tinton Ave. in the Bronx on July 28th after a young man was discovered trapped between an elevator car and the inside of the elevator shaft. Rescuers arrived on scene but the man, 20 year old Tito Morales, was unconscious and unresponsive. He was carefully extracted but pronounced dead at the scene.

Two Construction Workers Injured in Greenwich Village Elevator Accident

Two construction workers were rushed to the hospital after a bizarre elevator accident in New York City. The accident occurred in West Village on August 6th. The men were travelling in an elevator at an apartment complex located at 56 West 11th Street in Greenhich Village when the elevator cables suddenly snapped. The car briefly plummeted before becoming jammed in the shaft between the eighth and ninth floors.

Young Girl Falls Down Elevator Shaft in Manhattan

A 12-year old girl suffered a traumatic experience just last month. She fell over 30 feet down an elevator shaft in Manhattan. Samaritans at the scene told reporters she was lying motionless on her back at the bottom of the shaft and the elevator was immediately taken out of service to avoid crushing the little girl. The Manhattan elevator accident was the first of its kind this year and though the girl suffered numerous injuries, she survived the fall and is recovering from her ordeal.

Man Survives Fall Down Open New York Elevator Shaft

A visually impaired man's 2012 visit to New York City ended in tragedy that has stretched into a prolonged legal battle. As Brian Hurley, who suffers from Retinitis pigmentosa, was leading a completely blind friend down the sidewalk last May, he fell into an elevator shaft in front of the Doughnut Plant located in the Hotel Chelsea. The shaft outside the 220 W. 23rd St. location was open, unguarded, and unmarked.

Fatal New York Elevator Accident Gives Way to Lawsuits

Every day, countless New Yorkers get to work by taking one of the hundreds of elevators located throughout the city. These same people take it for granted that elevator travel will get them to where they are going quickly and safely - trusting that the elevators are properly designed, installed and maintained in proper working order. Unfortunately, a gruesome elevator accident last month in Manhattan illustrates just how severe - and deadly - accidents can be when elevator travel goes awry.

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