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NYPD Under Fire as Two Officers are Videotaped Hitting Underage Child

The NYPD is facing intense media scrutiny after surveillance video surfaced showing alleged use of excessive force in New York City (specifically, the Bed Stuy neighborhood of Brooklyn). Shot without the officers' knowledge, the video shows two officers approaching 16-year old Kahreem Tribble. One officer then takes a swing at the boy (with a closed fist). Tribble backs away, pinned against a security gate, when the second officer rushes in with his firearm drawn. Tribble raises his hands in a gesture of surrender but that doesn't stop the second officer from smashing his gun into the young man's mouth, shattering teeth.

NYPD Officer Shoots Unarmed Man In Harlem

Police shootings have captured headlines around the country recently and there has been yet another officer-involved incident right here in Harlem. On September 4th an unarmed man was shot by a NYPD officer during a struggle in Marcus Garvey Park. The 28-year old victim (an unnamed male) was rushed to the hospital with a single gunshot wound to the upper torso. While the NYPD is investigating, critiques are calling this a clear case of excessive force in New York City.

Police Brutality Alleged in Staten Island Choke Hold Death

Family members and victim advocates are alleging police brutality in New York City after a 43-year old father died during or shortly after being allegedly placed in a choke hold by an NYPD officer. Eric Garner was accused of selling illegal cigarettes on a Staten Island sidewalk earlier this month. During an attempt to take him into custody, Garner died. Victim's advocates say that police officers involved in the fatal incident may have been motivated by Garner's race and intimidated by his size.

Family of Man Who Collapsed During Police Raid Files Lawsuit

The NYPD has come under a lot of attention from media outlets recently for a variety of different incidents. One of the most shocking is the death of Carlos Alcis. The 43-year old father of 8 collapsed during a police raid of his Brooklyn home and died after suffering a heart attack. The shocking part is that the NYPD had the wrong apartment. Police were reportedly looking for a robbery suspect when they barged into Alcis's home in the middle of the night. His family, in documents pertaining to their New York City wrongful death lawsuit, is arguing that the shock and stress of the police raid aggravated his existing heart condition and caused the fatal heart attack.

NYPD Under Fire for Possible Excessive Force in Queens Teen's Arrest

The teenage victim and several eye witnesses are saying that officers of the New York City Police Department acted with excessive force when subduing the 19-year old outside a youth center in Queens last month. On January 8th, Robert Jackson was arrested outside the Flushing YMCA. He was confronted by police several officers after he allegedly became vocal and "spewed profanities" at the patrolmen.

Protest Against Police Brutality Results in 10 Arrests in New York City

During a recent Occupy Wall Street protest march in New York City, 10 protesters were arrested for a variety of alleged infractions. The four-hour demonstration was labeled as a protest against police brutality in New York, with the arrests occurring as the protesters wound their way through the streets of Manhattan - from the birthplace of the Occupy Wall Street movement, Zuccotti Park, to Union Square Park.

Teen Shot by New York Police Triggers Concerns of Police Brutality

A New York family grieves the death of an 18-year-old family member who was shot inside his Bronx home by police on February 2. The tragic shooting has prompted some mourners to leave signs calling for an end to police brutality in New York on the sidewalk outside the home of the victim.

NYC Occupy Wall Street Protests: Are Police using Excessive Force?

Cities and police forces throughout the country are attempting to stifle the Occupy Wall Street phenomenon that has taken hold. Mayors of various cities have ordered the shutdown of many protestor encampments citing crime, violence, poor sanitation and upcoming winter weather as the primary justifications.

NYC Drops Appeal, Will Turn Over Police Shooting Reports

Over 1,400 NYPD police reports from the past fifteen years requested by the New York Civil Liberties Union (NYCLU) will be turned over by New York City after it recently withdrew its appeal of a trial court disclosure ruling. Earlier this year, Supreme Court Justice Emily Jane Goodman determined that the Freedom of Information Act required the city to provide the documents to the NYCLU for review.

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