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Two Tour Buses Collide in Times Square; 14 Inured

The New York tourism industry is rocking after two sightseeing bus crashes in as many months. The shocking Times Square tour bus accident in New York City sent 14 people seeking emergency medical services with three of those listed in serious condition. This comes just days after a tour bus owned and operated by a company in Chinatown, a bus full of New Yorkers, left the road and overturned, killing two unsuspecting passengers.

New York Tour Bus Crash Kills 2, Injures 48

A horrific New York tour bus accident in Delaware claimed the lives of two women and sent 48 more individuals to the hospital with various injuries after the vehicle rolled over on an exit ramp in New Castle. The bus, operated by Am USA Express Incorporated of New York's Chinatown, overturned after rolling down a grassy embankment, tossing 49 passengers about the cabin like rag dolls. Dr. Rob Rosenbaum (an emergency room physician at Christiana Care) reported that some individuals suffered head injuries, broken ribs, internal injuries, and fractures.

Manhattan Motorcycle Accident Ends in Tragedy

An early morning motorcycle accident in Manhattan involving an ambulance claimed the life of a 44-year old biker late last month. The accident occurred at 9:30 at the intersection of Lexington Avenue and East 97th Street on the Upper East Side when the victim's Yahama slammed into the side of a New York-Presbyterian ambulance. The shocking motorcycle accident left witnesses in horror as the ambulance rolled over the motorcyclist, leaving his head (at least partially) under the tire. 

Manhattan Bus Accident Causes Evacuation

A New York bus accident on a busy Manhattan street last month caused quite a commotion. A tour bus with 44 passengers inside went off the road after running over a pothole and smashed into scaffolding on West 41st Street. While there were no serious injuries, victims were trapped inside the bus because the scaffolding had partially collapsed over the motor coach. When emergency services arrived, they carefully extracted the passengers through the windows of the bus.

Knee Surgery - Common Injury After an Accident

Knee surgery in New York is a common medical procedure performed for a variety of different reasons but one of the most common is to repair damaged caused in an auto or slip and fall accident. Car accidents are notoriously disastrous for people's knees as most vehicles are designed to place the lower portion of your legs under the dashboard and steering wheel. When the front crumple zones of vehicles work as they should, the front section of the car folds in, often causing the dash to collapse and impact or even trap the legs of passengers within.

Queens Pedestrian Accident Involving MTA Bus Claims the Life of 75-Year Old Woman

The second bus accident in New York City in as many months has claimed the life of a 75-year old Bronx native. The woman was struck and killed by a City bus early this month as she was crossing the street. The accident occurred at the corner of 74th street and Broadway in Elmhurst at around 6PM on February 3rd. The bus was making a left turn onto Broadway when the woman, Gloria Mabry, was struck by the rear of the bus and trapped under the rear wheels.

Another Fatal Pedestrian Accident at NYC "Problem Intersection"

A recent fatal pedestrian accident in Brooklyn highlights the danger of what local residents call a "problem intersection" in Greenpoint. A 32-year old woman was struck by a BMW as she was crossing the street at the intersection of McGuinness Boulevard and Nassau Ave. just before the New Year. Nicole Detweiller, a Brooklyn resident, was then thrown into the path of an oncoming box truck and killed. The truck, travelling in the next lane over, was operated by a driver who shouldn't have even been on the roads.

Winter Time Dangers on New York Roadways

When winter hits, we're all conscious of snow and ice on the roadways, sidewalks, and stairways around the City. But did you know that snow and ice accumulation on automobiles is a major contributing factor to dangerous and even deadly motor vehicle accidents in New York every season? That's right, as the snow and ice buildup on our cars significant weight can accumulate if the debris isn't cleared. That buildup is an accident waiting to happen.

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