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Manhattan Woman Struck by Falling Air Conditioner

Air conditioners. New Yorkers pass under them every day, oblivious to the danger that's hanging precariously over their heads. Injuries caused by falling objects from apartments and buildings are often covered under New York premises liability law and injured parties can bring civil lawsuits against at fault parties. But just how common is it for a person to be struck by say, a falling air conditioner?

CVS Roof Collapse in the Bronx Highlights Danger Shoppers Face Daily

In February of this year shoppers and employees alike at a CVS pharmacy were evacuated after heavy snow caused a roof collapse in the Bronx. Eyewitnesses report that just moments before portions of the ceiling were crumbling and falling inside the store. The building was so damaged it was declared unsalvageable and was later demolished.

Apartment Complex Explosion Result of Gas Leak

Authorities have zeroed in on a gas leak as the cause for the massive explosion in East Harlem that levelled two buildings earlier last week. Over sixty residents were injured in the blast and rescue; recovery workers have recovered seven individuals who were killed in the explosive apartment complex accident and two individuals are still unaccounted for. Witnesses reported smelling the odor of natural gas at least fifteen minutes before the explosion. Reports show that a Con Ed team was nearby investigating a possible leak, when the buildings collapsed in a huge fireball.

Landlord's Negligence Leads to Apartment Fires in New York

Apartment fires in New York City are far too common an occurrence. It seems like there's a major one-devastating and even deadly in some cases-every time you turn on the news or pick up the paper. While many of these apartment fires are caused by unforeseeable accidents, a certain number are caused by negligence on the part of the building's landlord or the management company in charge of the property.

Amputations Due To Accidents In New York

Traffic accidents are the leading cause of traumatic amputations in New York. In the vast majority of these cases the limb is severed (or partially severed) at the time of the accident but sometimes medical complications require the amputations days, weeks, or even months after the initial trauma. While the number of auto accidents far outdistances other traffic related accidents, it is more common for a New Yorker to suffer amputation if they are involved in a pedestrian or cycling accident as the body is more exposed than when inside an automobile.

The Times Warns New Yorkers of Slip and Fall Accidents

In New York, slip and fall accidents are one of the most common causes for injury. The number of those accidents dramatically increases in the winter months. By how much? In recent weeks New York emergency rooms have seen a 300 percent increase in winter-related injuries (most from slip and fall accidents involving ice and snow covered surfaces)-well over four hundred during the last week of January and first week of February alone. The danger is so bad that the New York Times ran yet another article warning New Yorkers about the hazards of icy streets, sidewalks, stairwells, and walkways.

Are You Eligible for Compensation for Injury & Loss due to in Negligent Security in New York?

Negligent security accidents in New York can result in thousands of dollars in damages, extensive injuries, and even loss of life. But understanding this branch of premises law can be confusing.

Bronx Building Collapse Sends Two to the Hospital

Early on the morning of November 27, 2013, a dramatic partial building collapse in New York City sent two individuals to the hospital with severe injuries. The building, located at 2601 Westchester Ave. (which reportedly belonged to B&L Auto Repair), collapsed on top of a father and son as they were working inside the property. While the immediate cause of the collapse wasn't determined, officials suspect either a defective air compressor or weather-related stress placed on the structure.

Government Agencies Warn of Roof Collapse Due To Snow and Rain Buildup

Winter brings with it a lot of challenges in the Northeast-most of them dangerous to travelers and pedestrians during the icy months. While we're all cautious of snow-slicked streets and ice-covered sidewalks, one danger is sitting right above our heads. Roof collapses during the winter months are far more common than you may think.

Landlord Will Do Jail Time for Unsafe Condition at Bronx Apartments

Media outlets have dubbed James Caban "the worst landlord" in the Bronx for his underhanded tactics and failure to safeguard his tenants' basic safety by ignoring several New York City building code violations. Caban, a former NYPD officer who was terminated after a brutality scandal in 1997, owns 1547 Commonwealth Ave. The building is a 12-unit structure that has over 300 open violations and is currently ranked as one of the 200 most distressed buildings in the entire city. Building code violations include unsafe conditions in the apartments and the presence of toxic materials yet Caban has repeatedly failed to respond to tenant complaints and official reprimands from the city.

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