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Correction's Officer Inmate Assault in New York's Riker's Island Causes Injury Claims to Double, Report Says

A controversial new report shows that the increase in correction officer related inmate assaults in New York City (specifically at the Riker's Island prison) is directly correlated to the two-fold increase of injury claims filed by inmates against the Department of Corrections. The comptroller's office's data positively linked the 114% increase in violence over the last five years to the increase of inmates with mental health issues and the use (or misuse) of solitary confinement and questionable tactics many call abuse.

Investigators Examine Inmate Death at Riker's Island

A report has surfaced claiming that corrections officers at Riker's Island neglected a 56-year old homeless man who died while in custody at the facility. Jerome Murdough, a mentally ill veteran, died while in a jail cell when the temperature in that cell climbed to at least 100 degrees. Murdough, who had been taken into custody for trespassing, basically "baked to death" (according to a statement obtained by the AP) in a shocking case of inmate abuse in New York's infamous prison. Murdough was on anti-psychotic and anti-seizure medication which may or may not have contributed to his death by making him more susceptible to the heat.

Family Files Wrongful Death Suit After 37-Year Old Mother Dies in NYPD Custody

The police are facing yet another wrongful death lawsuit in New York City. In July of this year, a 37-year old mother died while in NYPD custody after-her family says-the police refused her medical assistance for at least seven hours. Kyam Livingston was taken into custody by NYPD for violating a specialized order of protection her grandmother had previously filed against her. The two women had gotten into a verbal argument and police were called. When they arrived, Livingston, who had been consuming alcohol, was taken to a holding cell after being escorted to a hospital to "treat" her intoxication.

Alleged NYC Police Brutality in the Lower East Side

Most New York citizens are familiar with the City's police brutality problem. Many people know a friend, family member or colleague who has suffered from NY police misconduct, yet the systematic problem continues. In fact, a recent, large-scale episode of alleged police brutality occurred just days ago in the Lower East Side.

New York Prison Assault Leaves Inmate Dead

A recent rec-area prison assault left an inmate dead in upstate New York. The 36-year-old victim suffered multiple blows to his head from another inmate or inmates. He was rushed to a nearby hospital, but ultimately died from his injuries. The inmate's death is still under investigation but at least one man has been tagged as a suspect.

New York State Prisons Rank High in Inmate Abuse

Rikers Island received much recent attention while it held Dominique Strauss-Kahn, a man who some believe will be the next president of France. Now that Strauss-Kahn is out on bail for his sexual assault charges, the media circus has left Rikers. However, the media should be focusing its attention on the egregious conduct of some of the State prisons' corrections officers.

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