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Terrifying Dog Attack in New York City Leaves Toddler Severely Injured

A four-year-old girl was seriously injured in a dog attack in the Bronx earlier this month. The girl was allegedly mauled by a pit bull that had escaped from a fenced-in enclosure at a home on Huxley Road in Riverdale. Witnesses were able to pull the dog off the girl after striking it several times with a baseball bat and then called emergency services. EMTs arrived at the scene within minutes and rushed the girl to nearby Jacobi Hospital for immediate treatment. She was admitted to the hospital and later listed in serious but stable condition.

Vicious Dog Attack in the Bronx Leaves Woman without Ear

A dog attack in New York City has left a Bronx woman permanently disfigured. The woman was protecting a group of children from the dog, which had lunged at the kids while they played in a neighborhood playground. Witnesses say the 53-year old woman stepped between her two grandchildren and the pit bull seconds before she was viciously bitten. The dog's owner-who was not at the playground at the time of the attack-arrived on the scene while the animal was mauling the poor grandmother. He was able to pull the animal off her but the damage had already been done.

Dog Attack on New York City Street

A man was bitten by a pit bull last month in the East Village. The victim alleges that the dog attacked him while he was passing by. The owner alleges that the dog attacked because the victim trespassed. The dog's owner was asleep at the time of the attack and witnessed nothing. While this appears to be a classic case of "he said she said", this dog attack in New York case gets even more complicated.

Two Women Injured in Dog Attack in Long Island

Two women were severely injured in a vicious dog attack in Long Island earlier this month. One of the victims was walking her small dog on a leash along the sidewalk when two larger dogs broke free from a home and attacked it. The smaller dog's owner tried to fend off the large animals and was bitten in the process. The victim suffered several lacerations and had a portion of her ear bitten clean off. Eyewitnesses report that she was simply "covered in blood."

Dog Attack in Bushwick Leaves Man Scarred

A violent dog attack in New York City left a man with serious injuries late last month. Police responded to a distress call from an apartment in Bushwick were they found a 50-year-old man being attacked by two pit bull dogs. The officers couldn't pull the dogs off the man and were forced to euthanize both of them on the scene.

Elderly Man Mauled by Pit Bull Fights for His Life

A dog attack in The Bronx has left an elderly man in the hospital fighting for his life after he defended his young grandson from the vicious animal. 72-year-old Abdul Hakim was walking with his 9-year-old grandson early last month when a dog escaped from the owner's daughter.

Dog Attack in New York Leaves Woman Hospitalized

Late last month a woman was hospitalized after a vicious dog attack in New York. The victim, 33-year-old Maria Shaffer was attacked by a pit bull at roughly 1 AM on the morning of November 30th. Neighbors were awoken by Maria's husband screaming for help as he tried to pry the animal off her. The large dog was so big and powerful that it pinned Maria to the ground and bit her repeatedly.

Manhattan Dog Attack Leave Infant and Woman Scarred for Life

A woman was doing laundry while babysitting her friend's infant son in the laundry room of an East Harlem apartment building late last week when an uncontrolled pit bull viciously savaged both of them. This terrifying dog attack in New York City left both the woman and the child with severe bite wounds and emotional trauma. The 16-month-old boy was bit in the face and the woman's leg was mauled as she tried unsuccessfully to get the dog off the child.

Vicious Dog Attack in New York Claims Life of 9-Year-Old Girl

A young girl was killed by an unrestrained Pit Bull in a vicious dog attack in New York early this month. Three young girls were playing in the backyard of a residence in Elmont when the dog attacked the little girl. An adult in the house tried to fend off the dog with a broom but simply could not overcome the powerful animal.

Man Mauled in Vicious Dog Attack in the Bronx--Nearly Killed

A New York man was nearly killed earlier this month in a vicious dog attack in the Bronx. 62-year-old Francesco Bove was walking to church on Belmont Avenue early Friday Sept. 11 when two pit bulls burst free from their harnesses and attacked him. The dogs bit, clawed, and trampled him so badly that bystanders were sure he had been killed. In fact, the priest from Mount Carmel Church gave Bove Last Rites in case he succumbed to his injuries.

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