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Jet Skis and Other Personal Watercraft Caused Serious Boating Accidents in New York City Every Year

When we think of boating accidents in New York City, we often picture fast pleasure craft smashing into debris and obstacles in the river or massive tankers and other commercial craft crowding out much smaller boats. But one danger on the rivers and waterways surrounding New York City often goes unnoticed-until it's too late. Personal watercraft (Jet Skis, Sea-Doos, and other high-powered craft) zip along these waterways at speeds of up to 70 miles per hour, endangering not only the riders but also innocent victims out for a fun day of recreation in the hot summer sun.

Boating Accident in New York Nears in Tragedy

A boating accident in New York sent seven people into the frigid waters off of Long Island earlier this month. If not for the swift response of rescue crews, this terrifying boating accident would have ended in tragedy. Thankfully, all of the victims survived-though one was rushed to a nearby hospital for treatment.

Boating Accident on Long Island Leads to Criminal Charges

A boating accident in New York late last month has led to criminal charges being filed against the machine's operator. Late last month a 21-foot motorboat being operated by a 28-year-old man crashed into a crowded marina in Bay Shore, Long Island. Police say that the driver was operating the boat at such a high rate of speed that the impact actually launched the entire vehicle completely out of the water and it landed up on shore. The operator was ejected by the impact and was tossed onto a protective bulkhead at the water's edge.

Marine Officers Rescue 4 After Boating Accident in New York

A boating accident in New York could have ended in tragedy if not for the quick response of marine officers. The officers were called to assist a sinking boat off Long Island. When they arrived, they found the 19-foot craft underwater and several individuals floundering around the submerged hull. In the end, 4 victims were pulled from the sea and taken to shore. Making matters worse, all of the victims were in their fifties or older-making them more prone to hypothermia, shock, and other side effects of long term submergence in cold water.

Ferry Accident in New York City Prompts Emergency Evacuation

Dozens of passengers were forced to evacuate a ferry travelling from Lower Manhattan last month when the boat struck a submerged object imbedded in a sandbar and began taking on water. The ferry accident in New York happened just seconds after the boat pulled away from the pier at the South Street Seaport, headed toward the Rockaways.

Boating Accident on Long Island Leaves Two Young Boys Injured

Two young boys were injured in a boating accident on Long Island. The unnamed juvenile victims, both aged ten, were riding in a boat driven by 81-year-old Robert Giordano when it sideswiped a Boston Whaler about a mile offshore. Eye witness reports state that the boat which caused the crash, a 19-foot-long Monterrey, "came out of nowhere" and plowed into the Whaler which was travelling slowly through a channel near Seatuck Bay.

Jet Ski Operator Hospitalized After Boat Accident in New York City Harbor

A young man was hospitalized after being pulled unconscious from the waters near Liberty State Island shortly after the Jet Ski he was riding collided with a small boat. While the exact details of this particular boating accident in New York City are under investigation, what is clear is that the two watercrafts collided just before noon on June 25th.

Terrifying Boating Accident in Long Island Claims 12-Year Old Victim

A 12-year old boy was killed in a boating accident in Long Island at a popular sailing club earlier this month. The unnamed victim was at the sailing club in Northport Harbor for a lesson. During a "Man Overboard" drill the sailboat was intentionally capsized. Two other boys stayed with the swamped boat but the victim was pulled into a Rigid Inflatable Boat operated by an 18-year-old instructor. At some point the boat accelerated quickly and the victim fell overboard. He became entangled with the propeller of the small craft's outboard motor.

Ferry Accident in New York City Injuries 30 Passengers

A ferry accident in New York City left 30 passengers suffering from a variety of injuries ranging from scrapes and bruises to more serious conditions requiring hospitalization late last month. The victims were tossed to the decks and bounced off interior supports when the New York Water Taxi smashed into a pier on the West Side of Manhattan on July 28th. FDNY responders reported that none of the injuries appeared to be life-threatening but several individuals were treated and released and while more were transported to a nearby hospital.

Boating Accident in New York Leaves Family with Emotional Scars and Operator Behind Bars

A tragic boating accident in New York which left a little girl dead and her family struggling to cope with her loss has resulted in a dramatic sentencing for the operator of the at fault watercraft. 8-year-old Charlotte McCue was killed in July of last year when a motorboat operated by Alexander West crashed into the boat in which she was riding and went airborne. Young Charlotte and her mother were both struck by the boat's propeller. Charlotte was killed instantly while her mother suffered severe injuries.

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