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Bizarre Bus Accident Leaves on Injured and Several Passengers Stranded

You see them every day in NYC-tour buses, sightseeing buses, MTA public transportation buses. And while bus accidents in New York City are seemingly becoming more common, most involve collisions with other vehicles (including other buses). But a bizarre bus accident on the New Jersey Turnpike shows just how dangerous riding these massive motor coaches can be.

Bus Accident in New York City Leaves Dozens of Passengers Injured

A bus accident in New York City left over two dozen people injured on May 18th. Most of the injured were passengers and one of the bus drivers were hurt in the collision. The victims were riding in two separate buses through the Lincoln Tunnel when the buses collided with each other near the exit at Dyer Avenue and 40th Street. FDNY responders were on the scene within minutes and helped 32 injured individuals.

Tour Bus Accident in Manhattan Send Three to Hospital

As NYC gears up for the Holiday Season, tour bus companies are ramping up their services to ensure all the tourists coming to the City for the decorations, shopping and the sightseeing get the full experience. Unfortunately, these massive vehicles have a history of colliding with other cars and trucks and even smashing into the sides of buildings along the crowded streets of Manhattan. Just recently a tour bus accident in Times Square sent several victims to the hospital with varying injuries.

School Accident in the Bronx Sends Four Students to the Hospital

Chemistry experiments are an important part our children's education in school, but occasionally accidents do happen. Teachers are supposed to protect our students, keep them away from harm, and instruct them on the proper use of safety gear. That system seems to have broken down at one school in the New York. Indeed, four students were injured in a school accident in the Bronx late last month after a teacher failed to anticipate the consequences of their experiment. The students were taking part in a chemistry class when an experiment went haywire, causing a minor explosion.

School Bus Accident Leaves Several Injured

School bus accidents in New York City are rare; however, there are roughly 60 per day nationwide. But when a collision happens or a bus leaves the roadway our most vulnerable population (our children) is placed in grave danger. That's a reality that several parents are facing this week after a school bus plowed through the guardrail on a New Jersey highway in Essex County. The bus, travelling on Route 280, slammed into the guardrail at speed and came to a stop half in and half out of the travel lane.

Tragic Bus Accident in New York City Leads to a Shocking Discovery

A bus accident in New York that claimed the life of three people (including the driver) led a group of New York State Senators to investigate privately owned bus companies. What they found is absolutely shocking: Almost half of New York's charter bus companies have poor driving records. In fact, dozens of these companies have records so bad that they've been put on federal watch lists.

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