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Civil Right Cases in New York City Result in Nearly $54 Million Paid to Victims

A new website which tracks all the civil right lawsuits in New York City against the NYPD highlights not only the shocking number of cases filed against the city but the staggering amount of money it has paid out to victims in settlements over the recent past. Indeed, CAPstat has collected data from over 2,300 civil rights cases against the NYPD since 2007. That's an average of more than 300 cases per year brought against the agency and officers who are supposed to protect and serve the residents of New York.

Civil Rights Violations in New York City Lead to Record-Breaking Settlement for Victims

It's no secret that the NYPD and the New York Corrections system has failed many victims in the past but a new report shows that in 2017 the city was forced to pay out a record-breaking amount to settle lawsuits and claims against law enforcement agencies in order to compensate victims unjustly detained, imprisoned, injured and convicted of crimes they didn't commit. Indeed, according to an annual report released by the NYC comptroller, the city paid out a staggering $308.2 million last year to victims and family members of those unfairly hurt by the justice system.

Two Men Claim False Arrest in New York City After NYPD Bust

Two men were taken into police custody earlier this month after NYPD officers stopped them on the street in Harlem. The men are now claiming false arrest in New York City, stating that the police were acting solely on the color of their clothing with nothing else to go on.

Youth Incarceration Practices Raises Potential Civil Rights Violations in New York City

The City banned solitary confinement for young prisoners three years ago (in 2015) citing the adverse effect of such confinement on young offenders. The new policy expanded on an existing one that disallowed the practice for individuals 17-years-old and younger. The policy shift was part of Mayor Bill de Blasio's attempt to reform the prison system in New York City and reduce or even eliminate the potential for Civil Rights violations involving incarcerated individuals. However, an investigation reveals that the city is still housing young offenders in solitary confinement situations spurring advocates to shine a light on these potential Civil Rights violations in New York City once again.

NYPD Under Fire for Another Alleged Wrongful Arrest

In court documents filed recently, a Muslim woman claims that not only was she the victim of a wrongful arrest in New York City but that officers violated her civil rights by stripping her of her religious garb and refusing to give it back. 34-year-old Rabab Musa was handcuffed by NYPD officers and removed from a Starbucks location by uniformed NYPD officers, her court paper allege. She was transported to a holding cell, stripped searched, and stripped of her hijab-a "sign of modesty for women in the Islamic faith."

Case of Excessive Force in New York City Leads to a $600k Payout for Victim

The NYPD recently settled a civil rights lawsuit filed by the victim of an unnecessary pepper spray attack. Jateik Reed was filming an incident of alleged police brutality in New York City when he was sprayed in the face by one of the men, arrested on charges that were later dropped, and held against his will in a New York precinct house.

Council Votes to Combat Excessive Force in New York City

The City Council voted through three bills designed to decrease the amount of excessive force violations in New York City last month. In an overwhelming show of support for victims' rights, the council voted 40 to 4 in favor of passing these three bills to be signed into law. These bills will allow the public and civil institutions better access to information concerning cases of excessive force in New York City-an important step toward rooting out the problem. 

Landmark Corrections Officer Assault Case in New York Ends with 5 Rikers Island Guards Convicted

Rikers Island has a long history of inmate assault in New York City. As a result, there has been a concerted effort over the past couple of years to clean the jail facility up and keep inmates safe from corrections officer assault.

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