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Construction Accident in Manhattan Spurs Stop Work order

A jobsite on the Upper West Side was shut down last month after the Department of Buildings investigated a massive concrete spill at the site. The construction accident in New York City left 3 cubic yards of concrete-enough to fill the back of a pickup truck three times (roughly 600 gallons or roughly 12,000 pounds) spewed across the work site.

Number of Construction Accidents in New York Increases in 2018

A report compiled by Crain's New York Business shows that the number of construction accidents in New York City was the highest in 2018 that it's been in recent years. The number of workers hurt on construction jobsites climbed to a post-recession record attributable to the building boom going on in NYC. Although the report stopped counting in October (publishing schedule), the number of accidents and injuries recorded had already outpaced those recorded during all of 2017.

Demolition Accident at New York Jobsite Leaves Workers Unscathed

A team of construction workers narrowly avoided injury earlier this month when a demolition accident in Manhattan sent a large portion of wall tumbling to the ground. The accident happened at a jobsite inside a five-story building in lower Manhattan around noon. FDNY responders rushed to the scene but thankfully none of the workers onsite reported any serious injuries.

Apartment Accident in the Bronx Forces Evacuation

A shocking apartment accident in the Bronx has forced the evacuation of 49 residential units in a complex in the Claremont neighborhood along Findlay Avenue. Late on the evening of Monday, November 26th a massive section of retaining wall-estimated to be up to 20 feet wide and 18 feet high-collapsed, compromising the support of structure of the building directly in front of the retaining wall. The building was evacuated quickly as first responders warned that the collapse could have undermined the structural stability of the apartment building.

Premises Liability Accident in New York May Have Been Caused by Construction

Pedestrians narrowly avoided tragedy earlier this month when a heavy glass window fell from the fifth floor of a building in Manhattan on September 13th. The glass and a portion of the window frame came crashing down, just missing pedestrians on the sidewalk below by mere inches. But this isn't a typical premises liability accident. This premises liability accident in New York could have been caused in part by a construction crew.

Falling Objects Accident in New York City Narrowly Avoids Tragedy

A terrifying falling objects accident in New York City earlier this month left passersby frightened but uninjured. The accident occurred at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center on West Side Highway around 10 in the morning. A crew was on the site lifting heavy steel I-beams to an upper floor using a large crane when the beam in questions smashed into the structure and sent another beam tumbling to the scaffolding below. The scaffolding partially collapsed and debris spilled into the roadway.

Scaffolding Accident in Manhattan Kills One Man

A deadly scaffolding accident in New York has killed a construction worker at a Manhattan dormitory. The fatal construction accident in Morningside Heights happened on the morning of July 12th. Details surrounding the accident weren't immediately made public but apparently one man was struck in the head and killed by a large piece of scaffolding which broke free from a structure overhead.

Worker Killed by Falling Debris at Construction Site

A deadly construction accident in New York City claimed the life of one worker and left another injured earlier this month at a jobsite in Manhattan. The two victims were part of a crew working at the West 57th Street site-future home to one of the tallest skyscrapers in the city-when a glass panel fell from several stories up. It's unclear whether the panel was being hoisted at the time but at least one media outlet reports that the panel was being shifted high above ground level at the time of the accident.

Partial Building Collapse in the Bronx Leaves One Injured

Pedestrians were sent scrambling when an awning and a large section of brick façade tumbled off the top of a pharmacy situated within a strip mall in the Bronx earlier this month. The partial building collapse in New York happened at around 1PM and caught everyone on the scene by surprise. Victims were forced to dodge falling debris and narrowly missed being crush by heavy brick.

Deadly On the Job Accident in New York City Caused by Faulty Safety Railing

An investigation into the death of an MTA maintenance employee has uncovered that his deadly on the job accident in New York City was likely caused by a faulty safety railing. The 23-year-old MTA worker was charged with removing debris from a subway tunnel in East Harlem on March 20th. He was working on a platform above an underground void in the subway tunnel system when the wooden safety railing on that platform broke free.

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