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New Study Shows More Kids Drowning in Swimming Pool Nationwide

The summer season is the time when the risk of drowning accidents in New York City increases dramatically. With the opening of public and private pools, the risk of children drowning spikes dramatically. A new study tracking drowning accident data nationwide has found that the number of children under the age of 15 who died in drowning accidents has risen much higher than previous years.

Kids Can't Swim Well Enough to Save Themselves from Drowning Accidents in New York City

The risk of drowning accidents in New York City doesn't revolve completely around the swimmer's ability. There are other risk factors (including weather and tide conditions, motorboat proximity, an on-duty lifeguard's vigilance and training). However, a person's ability to stay afloat is the chief factor in determining individual risk of severe injury or death in the water.

Drowning Accident in New York Claims Life of Man

With the heat index climbing, more and more New Yorkers are looking to beat the heat in summertime hotspots like public pools, state beaches, and waterways. But those summertime vacation destinations can turn deadly in an instant. Indeed, a fatal drowning accident in New York claimed the life of one man earlier this month.

Pool Accident in Long Island Claims Twin Toddlers

A tragic pool accident in Long Island has left a family shattered after two twin toddlers drown in a backyard swimming pool. The tragedy happened on July 27th at a home in Melville. Fire Department responders were called to the scene of this terrifying drowning accident in New York and arrived within two minutes. They found one child at the edge of the pool undergoing CPR performed by his mother, the other lay at the bottom.

Boy Saved from Drowning Accident in New York City

A tragedy was barely avoided earlier this week when a 7-year-old boy was saved from a potentially deadly drowning accident in New York City. The boy was enjoying a day at the beach with family in The Bronx when he slipped below the waves. An alert Good Samaritan spotted the boy floating off the shore at Orchard Beach and rushed in the water to save him.

Summer is Pool Time (So Be Safe)

When the temperature rises in the city, there's no better way to beat that heat than by hitting the pool. There are over 7,400 public swimming pools in New York to which city dwellers can escape but each and every one is a potential life taker if you're not prepared. And while public bathing facilities pose potential health hazards (especially to children), privately owned pools are responsible for the vast majority of drowning accidents in New York City.

Near Drowning Accident in Long Island Avoided by Brave Teenager

A drowning accident in Long Island nearly claimed the life of a 6-year-old boy earlier this week. Joey George was with relatives at reception at a private home following a funeral when he somehow ended up in a manmade pond in the backyard. The adults at the gathering let the little boy slip from their watch for just a few moments but that was all it took for the curious young child to fall into the icy waters.

Young Autistic Man Dies in Pool Accident in Long Island

A young autistic man under the care of staff at a group home died earlier this week when he escaped over a fence and fell into a neighbor's in-ground swimming pool. Despite the 6-foot high fence, this tragic drowning accident in New York may have been prevented had anyone been able to get to the man sooner.

Man Dies in Drowning Accident in Long Island

Another drowning accident in Long Island puts New York on track for a records summer of fatalities. A sunny day at the beach turned tragic late last month when 48-year old Kerry Agosto slipped beneath the waves unnoticed and never surfaced again. Agosto had been spotted swimming by eye witnesses at Mastic Beach on Long Island but was later found floating lifelessly at the water's edge. When other swimmers saw his body bobbing in the surf, beachgoers attempted to rescue Agosto, pulling him from the water and performing CPR until rescue crews arrived. EMTs rushed Agosto to Brookhaven Memorial Hospital Center but he was declared dead on arrival.

Party Turns Tragic: Drowning Accident in Long Island Claims Woman's Life

A weekend party turned deadly when a drowning accident in Long Island claimed the life of a 55-year old woman. Rujkumari Motwani had attended a late night party at a home in Long Island. When the residents of the house were cleaning up after the fact the next morning, they discovered her body at the bottom of the backyard pool. They immediately called 911 but when rescue crews declared the woman dead at the scene.

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