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Potential False Arrest Case in New York City Complicated When Officer Lies

A young man arrested for burglary may have a potential false arrest case in New York City or at least enough evidence to argue for a lesser punishment thanks to the actions of the dishonest officer who arrested him. In February a young man was arrested by an officer assigned to the grand larceny squad on suspicion of burglary. However, the case was rapidly escalated when the officer filed charges of assault against the individual. In a criminal complaint the officer stated that he had been struck by the suspect's vehicle during the arrest and had suffered minor injuries to his arm and elbow.

Restaurant Owners Claims Wrongful Arrest in New York City

A business owner claims his Civil Rights were violated when the NYPD arrested him after he attempted to help an intoxicated patron at his restaurant. The alleged wrongful arrest in New York City occurred in 2017. Clyde Pemberton, owner of MIST Harlem who also happens to be black, claims he attempted to assist an unconscious woman whom two other women were lugging out of the bathroom at his establishment. One of the women began hitting him and screaming. The police were called. NYPD officers arrested Mr. Pemberton for unlawful imprisonment. 

Wrongful Arrest in New York City Results in Massive Settlement for Victim

A wrongful arrest in New York City has resulted in a multi-million-dollar settlement for a Brooklyn man convicted of murder 24 years ago. Ruddy Quezada was arrested, tried, and convicted of fatally shooting a man in Brooklyn in 1993. He recently filed two separate lawsuits against the City of New York alleging that his case was mishandled and his arrest and conviction were unjust. The City decided that rather than take the case to trial, they would settle one of the lawsuits out of court and offered Mr. Quezada $9.5 million in exchange for the last 24 years of his life.

False Arrest Case in New York City Results in $12 Million Settlement

A man who spent 25 years in prison after being falsely arrested in New York and convicted of a crime he didn't commit has won a $12 million settlement from the City of New York. Andre Hatchett, now 51-years old, was convicted of murder in 1991 and sentenced to a lengthy prison term. He and his lawyers argued at the time that he wasn't physically capable of committing the murder as he was recovering from severe injuries at the time the killing took place. Andre was wrongfully found guilty and sentenced.

False Arrest Case in New York City Results in $600,000 Payout

A landmark case of false arrest in New York City has recently resulted in a massive $600,000 verdict in favor of the victim, Jateik Reed. Reed, who was 19 at the time of his arrest in 2012, was stopped by several NYPD officers after they allegedly saw "bags of marijuana" in his hands. They confronted Reed which led to a physical altercation during which officers repeatedly struck and kicked the victim and pepper sprayed a friend who was recording the incident on a cell phone.

Case of Wrongful Imprisonment in New York Takes a Strange Twist

A man who spent 20 behind bars for a crime he says he didn't commit has pulled an unorthodox move while fighting his wrongful imprisonment in New York City. Richard Rosario was accused of murder in 1996. He was convicted and has spent 20 years in prison. However, just this past year New York City prosecutors admitted that he had been wrongfully convicted, offering to dismiss the charges against him.

Wrongful Conviction in New York City Results in Victims Winning $40 Million

A near-record-breaking financial award was recently negotiated in five separate wrongful conviction lawsuits in New York City. The five victims each spent 17 years in jail for murders they had nothing to do with--one of which was known to have been committed by gang members. The $40 settlement was reached after nearly three years of negotiation.

NBA Player Sues NYPD Officers for False Arrest in New York City

Last year, NBA player Thabo Sefolosha was acquitted of all charges filed against him by the NYPD stemming from an altercation inside a New York City nightclub. His arrest was so violent that he actually fractured his leg--a devastating injury for a professional athlete. Now Sefolosha, a victim of a false arrest in New York City and excessive force is suing 5 of the officers involved in the false arrest.

False Imprisonment in New York City Results in $6 Million Award

A shocking case of false imprisonment in New York City cost a Brooklyn man two and a half decades of his life. Jonathan Fleming spent 25 years in prison for a crime he did not commit. In 1989, Fleming was tried for and convicted of shooting and killing a friend--primarily on the testimony of a single eye witness. He was sentenced to prison for that murder but never once stopped insisting on his innocence. The shocking truth is that there was undeniable proof (including a hotel receipt, vacation video, and eyewitness accounts) that placed him in an Orlando theme park at the time of the murder. Some of that proof was withheld from Fleming's defense attorney and was never produced in court.

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