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DOT's New Marketing Campaign Designed to Prevent Crosswalk Accidents in New York City

Crosswalk accidents in New York City are one of the most common types of pedestrian accident anywhere in The Big Apple. In fact, they make up the majority of pedestrian involved collisions here and are responsible for the vast majority of serious injuries and fatalities that people on foot suffer. As New York City traffic laws are now written, every crosswalk accident could be considered a crime. Motorists have the responsibility to stop for pedestrians in crosswalks every time-whether the crosswalk is marked or not.

Sidewalk Accidents in New York City Spike During Winter Months

It should come as no surprise that the number of sidewalk accidents in New York City soars during the winter months but it's not always the snow and ice that are responsible for these slip and fall accidents. As the ground and water underneath sidewalks and paving stones freezes, it expands. This can lift these sidewalk flagstones, cause them to mislevel, crack or shift them out of place. This can leave dangerous holes or cracks and raised/uneven sidewalk flagstones that can trip up unsuspecting pedestrians.

Pedestrian Accident in Chelsea Sends One Man to Hospital

An unusual pedestrian accident in Chelsea sent one older gentleman to the hospital suffering from a severe head wound. The crash occurred in a bike lane along W. 29th Street on October 17th. The injured victim was riding an electric motorized scooter down the street when an unidentified pedestrian stepped right in front of him. The pedestrian's foot actually got caught in the scooter's wheel and the machine flipped, throwing the rider head-first onto the pavement.

Deadly Pedestrian Accident in New York City Leaves One Man Dead

A man from New Jersey was struck and killed in a fatal pedestrian accident in New York City last month. The man reportedly sideswiped a vehicle while driving along FDR Drive around 5 in the morning on September 16th. The man then got out of his vehicle and, for some unknown reason, attempted to cross the highway while waiting for the NYPD to respond to the initial crash. He was struck by a Cadillac SUV.

Scaffolding Accident in Soho Leads to DOB Investigation and Fines

A temporary sidewalk accident in New York City last year led the Department of Buildings to investigate the shoddy work of the engineer who designed the shed (which collapsed onto several pedestrians in a minor wind storm in November). The primary sidewalk accident left several people seriously injured including a model who required ongoing rehabilitation for serious spinal injuries.

Pedestrian Accident in Manhattan Leaves Three Injured

An early afternoon pedestrian accident in Manhattan left three people injured on August 22nd. The victims were standing near the intersection of East 31st Street and 3rd Avenue in Midtown when an SUV jumped the curb and smashed into them before striking a light pole. One of the women was actually struck not by the car but by a flying trash can. FDNY rushed to the scene and transported all three of the victims to nearby Bellevue Hospital. All three were reportedly in stable condition.

Number of People Hurt in Pedestrian and Bicycle Accidents in New York City is Rising

The number of people being hurt on by motorists on city streets is not decreasing-even as the city sinks hundreds of thousands of dollars into various "safety improvements" around NYC. In fact, new stats show that the number of bicycle and pedestrian accidents in New York is actually on the rise.

Crumbling Façade in Manhattan Injures Elderly Pedestrian

An elderly man suffered non-life-threatening injuries in an accident involving a crumbling façade in Manhattan earlier this month. The 72-year-old man was walking along the sidewalk near the intersection of First Avenue and East 57th Street on the Upper East Side on the afternoon of May 11th when several bricks broke free from the façade of the building located there. The bricks tumbled multiple stories, broke through a protective sidewalk shed put there to protect pedestrians, and

Pedestrian Accident in Brooklyn Leaves Several People Injured

A car crash in Flatbush left several people seriously injured earlier this month. Police reports show that three cars collided at an intersection near Farragut Road. The force of the collision drove at least one of the vehicles onto the sidewalk. At least four pedestrians were injured (two critically). The preliminary investigation showed that one of the drivers involved in this pedestrian accident in New York City was arrested and charged with driving while intoxicated.

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