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Scaffolding Accident in Brooklyn Leaves Three Workers Injured

Three construction workers were injured in a terrifying scaffolding accident in New York City late last month. The individuals were working above street level at a job site in Brooklyn at around 2:30 in the afternoon of February 27th when the scaffolding they were on collapsed.

Apartment Accident Leaves Five Injured

At least 5 people were hospitalized after an apartment accident in Manhattan earlier this month. FDNY crews responded to an emergency call from a 7-story apartment building on the Lower East Side on December 10th after a number of people became sickened and disoriented. When rescue crews arrived, they immediately evacuated the entire building and the surrounding area due to extremely high carbon monoxide levels.

Residents Pressing NYCHA after "Inhumane" Conditions in Apartment Complex in New York City

Residents of NYCHA housing are demanding that the organization credit them for the added expenses they've incurred after a severe utility outage that some have called "inhumane." More than 60 families were affected when the gas was abruptly shut off at the Red Hook Houses. The agency did provide the families a single hot plate each to accommodate their cooking needs but some individuals were without this necessary utility for more than three months. Residents are demanding reimbursement and a credit to their monthly rent payments for the severe financial, emotional, monetary, and physical strain this hardship has placed on residents. Some say cooking dinner, a chore that used to take 45 minutes, can now take as much as two hours with the limited resources available to them. 

Falling Object Accident in Manhattan Claims Life of Worker

A 51-year-old man was killed in a falling objects accident in New York City earlier this month. The man was working on a scaffolding suspended high above the city streets at 311 East 50th Street, repairing the façade of the building, when the accident happened. Something went terribly wrong and a heavy coping stone from above fell and struck the man in the head. He was left bleeding from a massive head wound and hanging from the scaffolding. Horrified eye witnesses could only watch and wait while FDNY responders rushed to the scene.

City May Be Partially to Blame for New York City Parking Lot Accident

A woman was seriously injured after falling into a pit in a parking lot and now NYC may be on the hook for her injuries. This New York City sidewalk accident happened after a snow plowing company dislodged a metal platform covering a cavern allowing access to an underground storage tank situated in a parking lot. While the parking lot in question was leased to a fitness club from the City of New York, the City may still end up being partially liable for the woman's medical expenses and lost wages.

Injuries from Sidewalk Defects in New York City - Who Is Responsible?

There are hundreds of miles of sidewalks in New York City. Unfortunately, some have broken or cracked flagstones and others are uneven. All of which can cause serious trip and fall accidents. In some circumstances, pedestrians who have been hurt by a defective sidewalk in New York City can now hold the adjacent property owners financially liable for their injuries.

Scaffolding Accident in Soho Leads to DOB Investigation and Fines

A temporary sidewalk accident in New York City last year led the Department of Buildings to investigate the shoddy work of the engineer who designed the shed (which collapsed onto several pedestrians in a minor wind storm in November). The primary sidewalk accident left several people seriously injured including a model who required ongoing rehabilitation for serious spinal injuries.

Crumbling Façade in Manhattan Injures Elderly Pedestrian

An elderly man suffered non-life-threatening injuries in an accident involving a crumbling façade in Manhattan earlier this month. The 72-year-old man was walking along the sidewalk near the intersection of First Avenue and East 57th Street on the Upper East Side on the afternoon of May 11th when several bricks broke free from the façade of the building located there. The bricks tumbled multiple stories, broke through a protective sidewalk shed put there to protect pedestrians, and

Unguarded Window Accident in Queens Leaves Toddler Seriously Injured

A two-year-old girl was seriously injured in an apartment accident in Queens earlier this month. The young girl somehow fell out the second-story window of an apartment and tumbled twenty feet to the ground below. Had she landed on the pavement below, she may have been killed instantly but, thankfully, she landed on a padded wooden doormat. It was just enough to break some of the momentum of her fall and likely saved her life. EMT's rushed the little girl to a nearby hospital where she was held for observation to ensure she wasn't suffering from unnoticed internal injuries or traumatic brain injury.

Is Your Landlord's Disregard Liable to Cause an Apartment Complex Accident?

Bad landlords should be held responsible for any apartment complex accident in New York City that their negligence contributes to. The law requires that these individuals and corporations maintain reasonably safe and secure housing for every resident. However, as The New York City Public Advocate's Worst Landlord Watch List indicates, many of these poor landlords allow repeated safety violations to occur; let buildings fall into disrepair, and fail to respond to complaints about potential hazards in a timely fashion.

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