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New Sexual Harassment Regulations in New York Aim to Prevent Victimization

With an ever-increasing number of sexual harassment lawsuits in New York City, legislators at both the state and local level have created tougher regulations designed to increase compliance with ethical standards and decrease the number of people who experience victimization. Not only are there tougher penalties, clearer definitions, and additional training outlined in these new rules, there's also a move toward more enforcement of existing regulations in New York and throughout the United States.

Shocking Report of Sexual Harassment in New York City School Includes Allegations of Physical Abuse

A number of students and their parents have filed complaints against a middle school in Queens of a shocking nature. Now elected officials are demanding more answers and action from the New York City Chancellor of Schools, Richard Carranza. The shocking allegations of sexual harassment in New York City arose from a number of isolated events at Marie Curie Middle School in Bayside (part of M.S. 158). Documents show that one 8th grade student was repeatedly exposed to sexual harassment, another was sexually abused, and a third was physically abused.

New York City Prison Assault Results in Landmark Settlement

An anti-gay abuse scandal that rocked Rikers Island in 2014 has resulted in a landmark settlement for the victims. The New York City prison assault took place on May 9th of that year when the victim, Thomas Hamm, was visiting an inmate at the correctional facility. According to Hamm's statement, when he greeted his same-sex partner with a hug and a kiss, he was ordered to stop by the guards overseeing the visitation despite the DOC's protocols which allow for such limited displays of affection.

Unpaid Interns Still Unable to File Sexual Harassment Lawsuits in New York

For years, unpaid interns have not met the legal requirements to be able to file sexual harassment lawsuits in New York. This is because the very specific wording of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the New York City Human Rights Law requires and individual to be classified as an employee in order to do so. Unpaid interns do not receive direct income from their positions so, even though they are technically working for a company, they are not employees.

Protest Sheds Light on Sexual Harassment in New York City

A recent rally in Washington Square Park sought to shine a national spotlight on the widespread problem of sexual harassment in New York City. The event was organized by Hollaback, an organization that's dedicated to stopping sexual harassment on New York City streets and public transportation. The rally was part of a worldwide event that spanned 60 cities including Mumbai, Brussels, and San Francisco. But as participants shared their stories with media outlets, it soon became clear that sexual harassment in the workplace is still as much of a problem as it ever was.

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