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Company Fined $10,000 for Temporary Sidewalk Violations in New York City

A construction company was fined for its failure to safeguard pedestrians passing by a construction site in The Bronx last month. The New York City Department of Buildings (DoB) issued its monthly digest of construction and building violations and fines last month. One of the biggest fines was against a construction company for failing to install a temporary sidewalk. Temporary sidewalk accidents in New York City are critical to the safety of individuals passing by construction or renovation sites. These temporary safety installations are designed to keep passersby out of harm's way by preventing falling debris from striking them along providing even walking surfaces to prevent trip and fall accidents.

Many Dangerous City-Owned Sidewalks Are Not Up to Snuff

When it comes to sidewalks, the city of New York has stringent codes on the books in order to ensure these public thoroughfares are safe, secure, and easily accessible for all New Yorkers. These rules apply to all sidewalks in New York City and building owners can be held responsible for the inspection, repair, and maintenance of sidewalks adjacent to their properties. However, as one investigative report found, a significant portion of the sidewalks are in disrepair. Most significantly, a number of heavily-trafficked intersections have sidewalks and curbs that are difficult for anyone to navigate. This, says the author, is likely to lead to an increase in the number of trip and fall sidewalks accidents in New York.

City Revokes Certification in order to Prevent Future Sidewalk Shed Accidents

The City's Department of Buildings (DoB) revoked the license of a registered safety engineer last month in connection with designs he created for sidewalk sheds that could have become potential safety hazards. One of the biggest risks of sidewalk shed accidents in New York City is actually from a faulty design or construction of the shed itself, not actually falling debris from the construction/renovation the shed was erected to buffer. Indeed, the number of pedestrians and motorists injured in New York City when sidewalk sheds fail is staggering.

Court Decision Clarifies the Law for Sidewalk Accidents in New York City

Determining liability in the case of a sidewalk accident in New York City has always been difficult. First, the victim needs to prove that a defect (such as a hole, crack or raised flagstone or uncleared ice and snow in winter months) caused their fall and injuries. Next, they need to determine who is legally responsible for maintenance of the sidewalk. Years ago, the city was almost always responsible for maintenance. That responsibility shifted a few years ago to fall mostly on the shoulders of the adjacent property owner (with several notable exceptions). Now a new court decision has taken the uncertainty about who is responsible for a sidewalk accident in New York City.

Sidewalk Accident in Manhattan Leaves Woman Battered but Okay

A woman was injured in a temporary sidewalk accident in Manhattan late last month after she fell into a pit. The victim was walking along a stretch of sidewalk near Madison Square Garden on October 18th around 3PM when the walking surface failed and she fell about 5 feet into a hole.

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