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Tragic Subway Accident Results in Horrific Injuries

A horrific subway accident in New York City earlier this year resulted in a young woman losing both of her legs. The victim, an Australian tourist, was visiting the city when she tripped at the 14th Street Port Authority Trans-Hudson station and fell on to the tracks. She was then hit by not one but two separate trains. The horrific injuries she suffered resulted in the need for surgeons to amputate both of her legs below the knee in order to save her life. She had lain on the tracks without being seen for approximately 20 minutes before another train pulled into the station and the driver spotted her bright pink shirt.

Subway Accident in New York City Leaves Worker Hospitalized

An MTA employee was seriously injured in a subway accident in New York City earlier this month. The man was working on tracks near Yankee Stadium on Friday September 6th around three in the morning when something went terribly wrong. EMTs were called to the scene and found the man suffering from severe burns. Somehow, the victim fell onto the electrified third rail that provides power to the subway trains that pass underneath the streets of NYC.

Subway Accident in New York City Injures One and Shuts Down 2 Lines of Trains

A man was injured in a terrible subway accident in New York City this past August at a Sunset Park train station. The victim, a man, was struck by an incoming train while standing on the platform at around 4:40 in the afternoon. The 59th Street Station was closed down immediately after the crash while the victim was stabilized and an investigation begun. 

Subway Accident in New York City Leaves Man with Minor Injuries

A man was injured late last month after being struck by a subway train in the Financial District. The early morning subway accident in New York City left the 29-year-old victim pinned beneath the train's second car of the southbound J Train for twenty minutes while rescue crews tried feverishly to extract him without doing more damage. 

Subway Accident in New York City Leaves One Man Dead

A tragic subway accident in New York City earlier this week left one man dead. Reports from the scene show that a man was struck by the R train at the Court Street Station in Brooklyn on May 4th. It's unclear how the man made it onto the tracks but the incoming train was not able to stop in time and hit him.

Tragic Subway Accident in Manhattan Leaves MTA Maintenance Worker Dead

A fatal subway accident in Manhattan has claimed the life of a maintenance worker. The 23-year-old employee was involved in necessary clean-up on a stretch of subway track that runs under the intersection of Lexington Avenue and 125th Street early on the morning of March 20th when he apparently fell from on high, striking his head as he did so. Emergency responders were called immediately to the scene but they found the victim unresponsive on the ground with severe head trauma. He was declared dead shortly thereafter.

Subway Accident in New York City Leaves Worker Seriously Injured

A disturbing subway accident in New York City late last month left an New York City Transit worker seriously injured. The individual was riding on a "work train" in NYC's underground when-in the words of the MTA spokesperson-it "bumped into" another work train. The train accident occurred in the 53rd Street tunnel that travels between Manhattan and Queens.

Train Accident in New York Likely Caused by Excessive Speed

A train accident in New York that resulted in what officials are classifying as a "minor derailment" last week may have been caused by excessive speed. Initial reports from the Metro North derailment inquiry praised the slow speed of the train for reducing the risk to passengers and preventing any serious injuries, however, investigative reporters have uncovered an unnamed source who says data shows the train was actually speeding at the time of the crash.

Long Island Train Accident Results in "Minor" Derailment

A train on the LIRR suffered what officials classified as a "minor" derailment in Rye. The Metro-North train ran off the tracks late in the afternoon of Thursday May 18th, leaving passengers stranded and suffering minor injuries. The Long Island train accident occurred behind the Avon building at a busy interchange just after 5 PM. MTA reports show that several cars in the train "misaligned" during the afternoon commute as travelers were trying to get back home after the workday.

Subway Accident in New York Leaves Man in Serious Condition

A subway accident in New York left a man fighting for his life earlier this week after he was struck in the face by a passing train. The accident occurred early on the afternoon of April 30th at the 96th Street Station in Manhattan. The unidentified victim was standing near the edge of the platform when the train zipped past and somehow struck him in the face.

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