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Falling Tree Branch Accident in New York City Injures Two

Two employees of the city's Parks and Recs Department were injured in a freak tree limb accident in New York earlier last month. The two city employees were engaged in what the department classified as a "routine clean up" involving removing at least one tree and several problem limbs and other debris when the unthinkable happened-the tree they were working on came crashing down on powerlines. The accident happened in Neptune Park at around 4PM on the afternoon of April 4th. EMTs arrived at the scene within minutes and rushed both victims to a nearby hospital.

Falling Tree Limb Accident in New York Kills Girl

A young girl was killed by a falling tree limb earlier this month while her poor mother stood witness. The 11-year-old victim was trapped inside an SUV struck by a falling tree. The tree was broken by wind kicked up during a severe storm that hit parts of New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. This tragic tree limb accident in New York demonstrates the very real danger associated with high winds that many of us simply ignore.

Falling Tree Branch in New York Claims Life of Elderly Woman

An elderly woman was killed by a falling tree branch in New York earlier this month as she was cleaning up snow from this last round of winter weather to blow through. The 88-year old was shoveling in front of her home when a large branch broke free and fell on her. She was crushed to the ground. Eyewitnesses called first responders and they were on scene within minutes. While they were attempting to stabilize the victim, another tree branch came crashing down, narrowly missing rescue crews.

Woman Injured in Falling Tree Limb Accident in New York Files Lawsuit

A mother and her son were seriously injured in a falling tree limb accident in New York last year. The woman and her three children were strolling through Central Park when a rotten tree toppled over and came crashing down on them. It's estimated that the 75-foot-tall Elm weighed almost 3,000 pounds. The mother and her two-year old son were both crushed under the tree.

Mother Injured by Falling Tree in Central Park Plans to Sue City

A young mother who was injured while trying to shield her three children from a falling tree in Central Park last month is planning to sue The City of New York. The city can be held liable in falling tree accidents in New York if the victim can prove that it failed in its duty to inspect the problem trees as needed and either prune dead branches, remove hazardous trees completely, or block off the area underneath so pedestrians and cyclists aren't in any harm.

Falling Tree Accident in New York Leaves Woman in Critical Condition

A woman walking her kids through the park last month was left in critical condition after a devastating falling tree accident in New York. Anne Monoky Goldman, a 39-year-old fashion editor, was strolling through Central Park with her three young children when tragedy struck. As she pushed a stroller with her two toddlers inside (and carried her 41-day old infant in a pack on her chest), a massive tree toppled onto the pathway. Anne and her children were crushed under the giant elm.

Falling Tree Kills One, Injures 5 Others at Backyard Party

A happy Mother's Day celebration turned tragic when winds caused a tree to snap and fall on a gathering of family members in New Jersey. The victims were in the backyard of a home for a family cookout when a large tree snapped nearly in half. One victim, a 28-year-old man, was killed instantly when the falling tree branch landed on top of him. Five other people were injured by debris. While just across the river, this tragic event showcases the danger of falling tree branch accidents in New York City. You never know when diseased, broken, or storm-weakened trees will give out and finally fall.

Wind Topples Trees Highlighting Danger to Pedestrians

Strong winds in the region have toppled dozens of trees in New York City and surrounding neighborhoods. At least one individual was sent to the hospital after being struck by a falling tree limb in Long Island. The victim was driving along Arthur Hill Road at about 8 AM when a tree limb crashed down onto his car. The injured individual was taken to Staten Island University Hospital for treatment.

Falling Tree Branch Accident in New York Sends Man to Hospital

Just last month a senior citizen was enjoying a stroll through the park when a tree branch fell on top of him, crushing him to the ground. Thankfully, he only suffered a broken leg but it could have been much worse. While tree branch accidents in New York are rare, they can cause significant injuries and even death. In 2013 Yingyi Li-Dikov, a thirty-year-old expectant mother, was killed by a falling tree branch in Flushing while sitting on a park bench.

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