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Truck Accident in Brooklyn causes Thousands of dollars in Damages and Narrowly Avoids Injuries

A devastating truck accident in Brooklyn left a stretch of street looking like a warzone after the driver lost control earlier this month. The truck was traveling down Russel Street in the Greenpoint neighborhood of Brooklyn around 3 in the morning on February 5th when it suddenly slid out of control and smashed into several parked cars, finally coming to rest against the façade of a family's home.

Commercial Truck Accident in Queens Leaves 3 Injured

A terrifying commercial truck accident in Queens left three people injured earlier this month. The crash happened just before 1PM on January 28th. The armored truck appears to have run a stop sign. The massive truck then smashed into a BMW at the intersection of 115th Avenue and 200th Street. The truck was traveling at such a high rate of speed that it actually flipped over onto its side before coming to a stop on top of the BMW.

Truck Accident in New York Leaves Pedestrians Injured

A truck accident in New York left multiple pedestrians with non-life-threatening injuries and 42nd Street covered in a mess of debris earlier this month. Witnesses to the crash say that a truck hauling a trailer loaded with three driverless vehicles lost control along a stretch of 42nd Street and smashed into a scaffolding, sending pipes, planks, and other debris raining down onto the sidewalk and street. One person walking along the sidewalk suffered minor injuries and was transported to Bellevue Hospital. Another was injured as well but refused treatment at the scene.

Garbage Truck Accident in New York Leaves Man Dead

A fatal garbage truck accident in The Bronx claimed the life of a man around 5:15 on the morning of November 7th. Reports from the accident scene claim the victim was walking across the street beneath an overpass near the intersection of Jerome Ave. and East Gun Hill Rd. in the Norwood neighborhood of The Bronx. He was struck and killed by a garbage truck on its morning rounds. Rescue crews arrived within minutes but there was nothing they could do for the man.

Truck Accident in Residential Neighborhood Highlights Danger of Mobile Cranes

A scary truck accident in a single family home's driveway last month shined a light on just how dangerous mobile truck-based booms can be especially when in the hands of inexperienced operators. Usually crane accidents in NYC involve lost loads or toppling booms at construction sites. However, there are thousands of smaller, truck-based cranes in the city that are used to deliver construction materials, reach rooves of smaller homes, or de-limb trees. Truck accidents in New York City involving these small cranes are rare but can be devastating.

Truck Accident in the Bronx Leaves Pedestrian Dead

A tragic truck accident in New York City has claimed the life of an unidentified man last month. The collision happened around 7 AM near the intersection of Webster Avenue and East 193rd Street in the Bronx. Police investigating the fatal pedestrian accident haven't yet released many details but it appears as if the victim was crossing the street when the truck drove into him.

Truck Accident in New York City Caused by Driver Asleep at the Wheel

A shocking truck accident in New York City late last month has resulted in not one criminal charge being filed against a driver who fell asleep at the wheel. This isn't uncommon according to many victims of commercial truck accidents in New York City who allege their crashes aren't fully investigated by the NYPD. Often drivers either escape scot-free or the blame is at least partially shifted onto the victim.

Truck Accident in New York Kills Man and Young Daughter

Two people were killed and three others injured earlier this month when an SUV collided with a box truck on the George Washington Bridge. It appears as if all the victims were members of the same family. The investigation into this terrible truck accident in New York City is still ongoing, however, police have released the names of the people killed in the crash: 40-year-old Hector Pedercini and his 5-year-old daughter Marianna.

Truck Accident in Queens Sends One to Hospital

Truck accidents in New York City seem to be more common these days. Large tractor trailers race down our highways while box trucks crowd our city streets. We can't stop the wheels of commerce from turning but the congestion and danger these big trucks create is enough to put any New Yorker on edge.

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