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Bus Companies Ignore Government Shutdown Orders, Deceive Public

Last week we discussed how many discount bus companies are creating a serious public hazard by cutting corners in safety-minded aspects of their operations. Whether it's inadequate bus driver screening, training and supervision, or the improper installation and maintenance of safety-oriented features aboard the buses, the safety shortcuts have a deadly impact on passengers in New York. Almost unbelievably, the story has taken another turn - for the worse.

NY's Bus-Crash Problem Continues, Discount Buses to Blame?

Government agencies and concerned citizens have been busy seeking increased regulation of the private bus industry since a deadly New York City gambling bus accident left 14 passengers dead in March. While the government carries out this legislative process, you'd hope that bus companies would use the deadly bus crash as a cue to examine their internal operations and improve the safety of their buses. However, several more recent private-bus accidents in New York leave many questioning the integrity of the private passenger-bus industry.

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