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Man Killed in New York City Subway Accident

May 9th's subway accident in New York City marks the latest fatal encounter between an individual and a high-speed train in the NYC underground.  The late-afternoon collision occurred at the 59th Street Station in Manhattan when the unnamed individual was struck and killed by the Northbound Lexington Avenue Express.  Officials say that this serious rush hour accident is being investigated by the NYPD. 

Young Girl Falls Down Elevator Shaft in Manhattan

A 12-year old girl suffered a traumatic experience just last month. She fell over 30 feet down an elevator shaft in Manhattan. Samaritans at the scene told reporters she was lying motionless on her back at the bottom of the shaft and the elevator was immediately taken out of service to avoid crushing the little girl. The Manhattan elevator accident was the first of its kind this year and though the girl suffered numerous injuries, she survived the fall and is recovering from her ordeal.

90% of New York Schools Have Open Building Code Violations

In an exclusive report, the Daily News recently uncovered a shocking number building code violation in New York Schools. In fact, investigators discovered that 90% of all New York Schools have at least one open building code violation on file with the New York City Department of Buildings (DOB). That's over 9,600 violations citywide, some of could potentially be risks to student and staff health and safety.

Skiing - Safe but Sometimes Dangerous Wintertime Recreation

Thousands of New Yorkers break out the skis when the snow falls but many underestimate the danger they're putting themselves in every time they step into their bindings. Statistics show there are, on average, 41 skiing fatalities per year (though 2011 saw 54). However, there are hundreds of moderate to severe skiing accidents in New York and across the country resulting in injuries requiring hospital visits and/or extensive treatment and recovery time.

Passenger Injured In Queens Motorcycle Accident After Driver Loses Control

An early morning ride quickly turned tragic in Queens Sunday when a motorcycle carrying two men went out of control and struck a barrier in the northbound lane of the Cross Island Parkway. David Wilson, a 27-year old resident of South Richmond Hill, was at the controls when the bike veered off course and struck an immovable barrier at a high rate of speed. Both he and his passenger, who is as yet unidentified, were launched from the back and sustained massive trauma.

Safe Boating Tips for the New York City Summer

The summer boating season kicked off on July 4th and is expected to be one of the biggest ever. Official predictions estimate that 88 million boaters are hitting the waterways across the country this summer. That staggering figure includes the Hudson River, Long Island Sound, and other popular waterways inside New York City limits. Unfortunately, that congestion means the number of boating accidents is likely to increase as well.

Disturbing Increase in Jobsite Accidents and Injuries in New York City

Disturbing numbers from a recent study show that the number of New York City construction accidents ballooned nearly 31% last year. Those accidents accounted for a whopping 46% increase in construction site injuries. Jobsite fatalities for that same time frame increased 142%, from 26 to 40.

More Motorcycles on New York City Streets Means More Motorcycle Accidents

Senator Patty Ritchie recently put out a call to the public to be aware of the dramatically increased number of motorcyclists on New York streets-especially in the warm summer months (unfortunately, statistics show you're 30 times more likely to die on the back of a bike than in a car.) She reiterated that it is everyone's responsibility to ensure the New York City and state roadways are as safe as they can possibly be and announced the passage of a bill she sponsored in the state senate that would help increase safety for motorcyclists statewide.

Accidental Drowning in New York City

Drowning is estimated to be the fourth leading cause of accidental death nationwide and the second leading cause of death of children under the age of fifteen. It may not be a danger you'd expect to encounter in an urban area but New York City drowning accidents claim the lives of dozens of people every year. Many die in unsafe swimming pools and spas. Still others lose their life to the sea after boating accidents miles or mere yards from shore. Even unguarded standing water can lead to a fatal drowning, especially when children are involved.

Rikers Island Inmates Suffer Higher than Average Rates of Traumatic Brain Injury

A groundbreaking new study involving adolescent male and female inmates incarcerated at Rikers Island has uncovered some shocking news. These inmates suffer much higher rates of traumatic brain injury (sometimes called TBI) than the general population. After extensive medical examinations, doctors have concluded that roughly 50% of the male population inside the prison at any given time has suffered at least one traumatic brain injury (such as concussion). Female inmates were found to have even higher rates that peaked at 65%. When compared to the general population's TBI rate of just 8.5%, there is clearly an issue that law enforcement, corrections, and other legal personnel have been unaware of for decades.

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