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Woman Falls Through Sidewalk After Concrete Slab Collapses

New York City is rife with underground hazards. Because of the vast infrastructure below ground level, there are thousands of places across the City where thin metal grates or thin concrete slabs are all that stand between pedestrians and terrible falls. One such sidewalk accident in New York City could have claimed the life of a young woman last year. Thankfully, she escaped without major injury .

Man Falls Through Cellar Door in Harlem

Cellar doors are a common site on City sidewalks in New York. They provide easy access to the below ground level structure but they also pose a dangerous hazard for pedestrians. This past summer a young man suffered severe injuries after falling through an open cellar door in East Harlem. This sidewalk cellar door accident in New York occurred in broad daylight and surveillance video captured the entire horrifying mishap.

Who is Responsible for Sidewalk Accidents in New York?

Sidewalks are essential in New York, providing relatively safe havens for millions of pedestrians every day. But what happens when the sidewalks themselves become a hazard and who--if anyone--is responsible for sidewalk accidents in New York? The short answer to that question is usually the property owner provided the adjacent property is not multiple dwelling less than four families. For multiple dwellings less than four families, provided it is residential and owner occupied, it will be the City of New York. Generally speaking, the adjacent property owner or City is liable for the repair and maintenance of the sidewalks.

Wheelchair-Bound Man Killed by Bronx Subway Train

A shocking subway accident in The Bronx has many questioning whether or not the MTA is doing enough to protect New Yorkers in the underground. Last May an elderly wheelchair-bound man was killed when his wheelchair rolled off the platform and onto the tracks directly in front of an oncoming train at the Intervale Avenue station in Longwood. The man was crushed and killed instantly. Now safety advocates are saying New York's mass transit system could be doing more to prevent such accidents.

Woman Crushed in Fatal New York City Bus Accident

A fatal New York City bus accident left one woman dead and left many questioning the safety precautions employed by City drivers. The unnamed 50-year old victim was pinned under the bus's wheels shortly after stepping off the B44 bus in Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood of Brooklyn. Witnesses say the woman dropped her phone as she was exiting the bus and bent to retrieve it. The driver put the bus in motion while the woman was still under the bus. She was killed instantly when the rear wheels rolled over her.

Report Finds Auto Accidents in NYC Still Number One Killer of Kids

An annual report by the Department of Mental Health and Hygiene shows that, yet again, auto accidents in New York City are the number one injury-related killer of children under the age of 15. Nearly 25% of all injury-related deaths of children in that age group are caused directly by auto collisions or pedestrian collisions on NYC streets.

Three Elderly Pedestrians Injured in Manhattan Traffic Accident

A bizarre crosswalk accident in New York, Manhattan's Lower East Side, injured three elderly pedestrians on the morning of August 28th. The women were crossing South Street, near Rutgers Slip, early in the morning when a 2010 Volvo crashed into the group.

Elderly Pedestrian Pinned Under Yellow Cab

A New York City taxi accident sent an elderly pedestrian to the hospital earlier this month. The 83-year old woman was struck while walking her bicycle along a stretch of Columbus Circle. She was actually pinned under the cab until a group of bystanders banded together and lifted the vehicle-a 2012 Ford Escape hybrid SUV-off her. First responders say their quick thinking saved the woman's life. 

Tougher Traffic Laws Aimed at Preventing Pedestrian Accidents in NYC

DMV data shows that last year 135 people were killed in avoidable pedestrian accidents in New York. While city officials, including Mayor de Blasio, are struggling to find ways of decreasing fatalities, they must also accommodate motor vehicle and bicycle traffic on streets that simply can't get any wider. While some of NYC's major changes--including new bicycle lanes and pedestrian crosswalks and medians--have come under public fire for their ineffectiveness, several pieces of legislation soon to become law aim to penalize irresponsible drivers.

Another Fatal Pedestrian Accident at NYC "Problem Intersection"

A recent fatal pedestrian accident in Brooklyn highlights the danger of what local residents call a "problem intersection" in Greenpoint. A 32-year old woman was struck by a BMW as she was crossing the street at the intersection of McGuinness Boulevard and Nassau Ave. just before the New Year. Nicole Detweiller, a Brooklyn resident, was then thrown into the path of an oncoming box truck and killed. The truck, travelling in the next lane over, was operated by a driver who shouldn't have even been on the roads.

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