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Report Finds Auto Accidents in NYC Still Number One Killer of Kids

An annual report by the Department of Mental Health and Hygiene shows that, yet again, auto accidents in New York City are the number one injury-related killer of children under the age of 15. Nearly 25% of all injury-related deaths of children in that age group are caused directly by auto collisions or pedestrian collisions on NYC streets.

Teenager Under the Influence Kills Friends in New York City Auto Accident

Officials have released the details surrounding a deadly New York City auto accident that claimed the lives of four teenagers.  19-year old Joseph Beer, from Queens, was behind the wheel when his car crashed on the Southern State Parkway in Long Island.  His four passengers were killed in the crash but Beer survived.

Elderly Cyclist Killed in Brooklyn Auto Accident--Sheds Light on "Problem Areas"

In May, a Brooklyn motor vehicle accident claimed the life of a well-loved father and friend. 74-year old Mai Zhang was struck and killed while riding his bicycle along Benson Avenue in Brooklyn. The driver of the Nissan SUV involved in the accident and a doctor who happened to be passing by attempted to save the man but Zhang's injuries proved too much. He was pronounced dead when EMTs arrived. The NYPD did not be press charges, saying that no "criminality" was involved in the case.

Drunk Driver Kills 2-Year Old in Queens

In a tragic string of New York auto accidents, 4 young children have been struck and killed by cars in the Five Burroughs within the last month. The latest accident claimed the life of 2-year old Jahir Figueroa. Jahir was crossing the Junction Boulevard in Queens on Friday, October 11th with his mother, 23, when a drunk driver failed to yield and struck the young child, killing him.

Toddler Killed In Queens Auto Accident

A three-year old was killed in a tragic auto accident on October 7th at the corner of Main Street and Cherry Avenue in Flushing Queens. Little Allison Liao was crossing the street with her grandmother when she was struck by a Nissan SUV as it made the left turn onto Main Street. Allison was knocked to the ground and the SUV wasn't able to stop in time. It rolled over her, killing her instantly.

Did NYPD Cop's "Distracted Driving" Kill Brooklyn Teacher?

New eyewitness reports have come forth, shedding some light on the tragic death of middle school teacher, Felix Cross. Cross, 61, was struck and killed by an NYPD van driven by Officer Paula Medrano (assigned to the 88th precinct) on July 7th of this year. Cross was in a crosswalk on Hooper Street, crossing with the light, when he was hit. What first appeared to be a tragic accident now seems to be yet another New York City distracted driving accident.

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