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Knee Surgery - Common Injury After an Accident

Knee surgery in New York is a common medical procedure performed for a variety of different reasons but one of the most common is to repair damaged caused in an auto or slip and fall accident. Car accidents are notoriously disastrous for people's knees as most vehicles are designed to place the lower portion of your legs under the dashboard and steering wheel. When the front crumple zones of vehicles work as they should, the front section of the car folds in, often causing the dash to collapse and impact or even trap the legs of passengers within.

Is the NYPD Doing Enough to Stop New York Auto Accidents?

As the City of New York tightens driving regulations in an effort to make City streets safer, critics of the NYPD say the police aren't doing enough to enforce traffic laws already on the books. According to a recent report by the City's leading transportation advocacy agency, New York auto accidents still claim the life of one City dweller every 33 hours. Additionally, every three hours a non-fatal traffic accident leaves a New Yorker suffering dismemberment, disfigurement, or permanent disability.

Taxi Cab Accidents Endanger New Yorkers

Taxi cabs pose a significant danger to New Yorkers both on the street and off. In recent article in the New York Post, Maureen Callahan focused on taxi accidents in New York and showcased the danger these iconic vehicles pose for New Yorkers and even those visiting the City that Never Sleeps. Such dangers include distracted, unlicensed drivers and even operators under the influence. One of Callahan's colleagues even reported witnessing a cabdriver video chatting on a cellphone with family members while driving.

Summer Construction on the BQE Increases Auto Accidents

The New York Times recently reported on the increase danger, drivers face on the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway (B.Q.E.). The concentration of roadwork has created a danger zone in which the number of auto accidents has spiked. What's more, drivers aren't the only ones at risk. Construction workers risk jobsite accidents everyday as speeding automobiles and distracted drivers pass within inches of poorly protected individuals.

Number of Injuries on NYC Roadways Dramatically Increased Over Last Year

Last year the number of pedestrians killed and injured on NYC roadways and streets declined from previous years in what many hoped was a sign of things to come. Unfortunately, that downward trend has not continued through 2013. In fact, New York is on track for a dramatic increase in pedestrian accidents over last year's numbers. According to the New York City Police Department's official statistics, fifteen people were killed in NYC traffic in April alone. That's compared to just 12 at this time last year.

Alarming Number of Cyclists Killed and Injured on NYC Streets in 2012

There were nearly 200,000 motor vehicle accidents on New York City streets last year. That's according to the preliminary data collected by the New York Police Department between January of 2012 and December. Of those 200,000 accidents, over 3,800 involved cyclists. That total number of bicycle accidents is up 8% from last year's tally of 3,500. Thankfully, the number of cyclist killed by motorists is down but only just: there were two fewer fatalities in 2012.

Warming: Icy conditions aheads on the roads

Obama has not even finished campaigning when Hurricane Sandy struck New York and the surrounding area, with devastating consequences. This added to the traditional winter snowfall, ice and blustery winds. Only very recently a giant blizzard (Nemo) hit the northeastern states, adding as much as three feet of snow in some parts of the northeast. With flights postpones, over 11 inches of snow in Central Park, and the National Guard deployed to bring support to areas totally snowed in and to keep the highways moving, an all out effort was needed to keep New York moving.

Taxi Driver Injured in Big Rig Accident

Experienced New York personal injury attorneys know that 18-wheeler truck accidents are serious business. A fully-loaded big rig can weigh 80,000 pounds or more, so when an accident occurs, grave injuries are frequent. Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) statistics show that 13% of all accidents in the U.S. involve big rigs, and fully 5,000 deaths result from them annually.

Drunk Driver Slams into Long Island Home

Drivers under the influence are notorious for creating scenes of carnage and destruction. And more often than not, it is an innocent bystander who falls victim. An auto accident apparently caused by a DUI motorist on Memorial Day in Long Island left a home in shambles and the elderly owner shaken.

Drunk Driver Destroys Cabbie's Livelihood

Drunk drivers have been taking lives at the rate of 17,000 each year for decades. Those who survive are often left with serious, debilitating injuries. Such was the case recently when a woman who tested well over the limit hit a New York cabbie.

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