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New York Construction Worker Seriously Injured in Trench Collapse

A 33-year old construction worker was hospitalized after the walls of a trench in which he was standing collapsed in upon him. The unnamed individual suffered significant injuries (which the FDNY first responders said were "serious") and was taken to Kings County Hospital

New York Construction Accident Claims Life of Worker

A tragic construction accident on Governor's Island claimed the life of a 55-year old New Yorker and injured two more men last month. The fatally injured man was working for Bedford Construction at the time, rebuilding a section of the seawall on the island when a 15-foot pipe fell on top of him, crushing him to death. Both of the other construction workers injured in the same accident survived and were treated for minor injuries and released from Bellevue Hospital later that same day.

Summer Road Construction Puts Workers In Jeopardy

Summertime is when road construction around New York City kicks into high gear. Crews rush to get projects done before the snow falls and adds another layer of complexity to what is already a challenging and dangerous task-upgrading the city's infrastructure while daily commuters are still whizzing past. A study from the December issue of 2004's Monthly Labor Review concerning the safety of construction workers at roadside jobsites was recently revisited. New data was added to that previously collected and statistics were updated to include accidents as recent as 2007. The numbers aren't heartening at all.

Safety Sweep at Jobsites Around New York Finds Over 900 Violations

Last month, a major safety sweep conducted by the offices of the New York City buildings commissioner uncovered a disturbing amount of violations at construction and worksites around the city. Officials visited 90 jobsites as part of the 2013 safety sting and were shocked to discover that the majority of the jobsites had at least one safety violation while multiple violations were spotted at several others.

Construction Worker Injured in Astoria Building Collapse

A construction worker remodeling a Queens business was hospitalized last week after the front of the building collapsed on top of him. Just before noon on Monday, April 22nd, the first-floor façade of a three-story building located at 31-19 30th Ave. peeled away from the rest of the structure and fell to the street.

Falling Objects: One of the "Fatal Four" Kinds of Construction Site Accidents

Last month a 30-year old construction worker was nearly killed when a hoist's improperly secured load shifted and plummeted five stories to the ground below. The 432 Park Avenue jobsite is the future home of the tallest residential skyscraper in the Western Hemisphere. At a planned 1,398 feet tall, the building is being billed "a new icon" for New York City.

Deadly Trench Collapse at Staten Island Construction Site

Last month a trench collapsed at a Staten Island construction site, killing a 29-year-old worker. The worker was helping to replace a pipe in a six foot deep trench when the sides gave way, burying him inside the trench. A preliminary investigation of the construction site tragedy indicated that the trench lacked necessary wood bracing.

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