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Investigators Examine Inmate Death at Riker's Island

A report has surfaced claiming that corrections officers at Riker's Island neglected a 56-year old homeless man who died while in custody at the facility. Jerome Murdough, a mentally ill veteran, died while in a jail cell when the temperature in that cell climbed to at least 100 degrees. Murdough, who had been taken into custody for trespassing, basically "baked to death" (according to a statement obtained by the AP) in a shocking case of inmate abuse in New York's infamous prison. Murdough was on anti-psychotic and anti-seizure medication which may or may not have contributed to his death by making him more susceptible to the heat.

Amputations Due To Accidents In New York

Traffic accidents are the leading cause of traumatic amputations in New York. In the vast majority of these cases the limb is severed (or partially severed) at the time of the accident but sometimes medical complications require the amputations days, weeks, or even months after the initial trauma. While the number of auto accidents far outdistances other traffic related accidents, it is more common for a New Yorker to suffer amputation if they are involved in a pedestrian or cycling accident as the body is more exposed than when inside an automobile.

NYC Officials Warn of the Danger of Falling Snow and Ice

In addition to being the causal factor in many motor vehicle crashes, the presence of snow and ice is a major contributing factor to slip and fall accidents in New York City. Every winter slick spots on pedestrian walkways and building entryways can-in a second-cause irreparable damage and lifelong disability. However, the Department of Buildings warns that those aren't the only safety risks caused by inclement weather and dropping temperatures. Falling snow and ice can cause severe injuries and even kill pedestrians or cyclists within city limits.

Winter Time Dangers on New York Roadways

When winter hits, we're all conscious of snow and ice on the roadways, sidewalks, and stairways around the City. But did you know that snow and ice accumulation on automobiles is a major contributing factor to dangerous and even deadly motor vehicle accidents in New York every season? That's right, as the snow and ice buildup on our cars significant weight can accumulate if the debris isn't cleared. That buildup is an accident waiting to happen.

Slip and Fall Accidents in New York Increase Dramatically During Winter Months

Slip and fall accidents, in New York City, are the number one non-vehicular cause of accidental injury. Indeed, data shows that one of the most dangerous compounding elements of any slip and fall accident is the presence of ice and/or snow.

Family of Man Who Collapsed During Police Raid Files Lawsuit

The NYPD has come under a lot of attention from media outlets recently for a variety of different incidents. One of the most shocking is the death of Carlos Alcis. The 43-year old father of 8 collapsed during a police raid of his Brooklyn home and died after suffering a heart attack. The shocking part is that the NYPD had the wrong apartment. Police were reportedly looking for a robbery suspect when they barged into Alcis's home in the middle of the night. His family, in documents pertaining to their New York City wrongful death lawsuit, is arguing that the shock and stress of the police raid aggravated his existing heart condition and caused the fatal heart attack.

Playground Injuries: The Hidden Danger

Every year in the United States playground accidents account for over 200,000 injuries involving children 14-years old or younger. And while any parent knows that a rambunctious child can suffer their fair share of scrapes and bruises, many of these playground injuries were severe enough to warrant trips to the ER. Indeed, some of the most common injuries suffered by these children are broken bones which take weeks and months to heal properly.

Manhattan Man Drowns at Popular New York Summertime Destination

A 46-year old Manhattan resident was the second individual to drown in as many weeks at a popular New York summertime destination. Bear Mountain State Park is home to Hessian Lake, a lake which has claimed the lives of two New York City natives in the last month in spite of being "off limits" to swimmers.

ATV Accidents in New York City

Every year, hundreds of individuals die in ATV accidents across the country. Thousands are injured, many seriously-head and spinal injuries are common in these types of crashes. While New York City doesn't have a high percentage of ATV use compared to other regions of the state, that doesn't mean that New York City residents don't use ATVs. On the contrary, Upstate New York and regions across the country are popular vacation sites for New Yorkers and in all of those locations ATVs pose a significant risk to the health and wellbeing of NYC residents.

Safe Boating Tips for the New York City Summer

The summer boating season kicked off on July 4th and is expected to be one of the biggest ever. Official predictions estimate that 88 million boaters are hitting the waterways across the country this summer. That staggering figure includes the Hudson River, Long Island Sound, and other popular waterways inside New York City limits. Unfortunately, that congestion means the number of boating accidents is likely to increase as well.

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