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Stop and Frisk Ruling Opens Door for Civil Rights Lawsuits

District Judge Shira Scheindlin says that the New York Police Department's policy of Stop and Frisk violates civil rights afforded to American citizens and that the policy is essentially "indirect racial profiling." The controversial policy has been lauded by Mayor Bloomberg, Police Commissioner Ray Kelly, and others for its ability to allegedly prevent crimes before they happen. In fact, the mayor said in a statement that Stop and Frisk has saved thousands of lives.


The controversial stop-and-frisk police tactics in New York City continue to be legally challenged and are being intensely scrutinized by the courts. Recent court rulings indicate judges are becoming increasingly critical of the practice, and speculation is rampant whether the tactic is denying New Yorkers of their constitutional rights in order to reduce crime.

Federal Judge Declared Class Action Status in NYPD Stop-and-Frisk Lawsuit

Last year there were 685,724 stop-and-frisk encounters by the NYPD, the highest total in 10 years. This year, during the first three months of 2012, officers have stopped people on the streets more than 200,000 times, putting the stops on course to break last year's record.

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