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Crane Accident in New York Results in $40 Million Lawsuit

A crane accident in Manhattan that killed one man and injured three people last month has resulted in a $40 million lawsuit against the City of New York. The lawsuit, filed by a 73-year old victim of the crane collapse in Manhattan, alleges that the city was negligent in its duty to protect passersby. While the city does perform safety inspections at such job sites, there is a question whether the jobsite are adequately inspected.

Mayor Takes Steps to Prevent Future Construction Accidents in New York

After the fatal crane accident in Manhattan that killed a passerby and injured three, Mayor Bill De Blasio and Buildings Department Commissioner Rick Chandler promised stricter regulations for construction companies in light of the recent construction accidents in New York City.

Construction Accident in Manhattan the Latest for Company with History of Safety Violations

Passersby were shocked by a spectacular construction accident in Manhattan late last month. A multi-ton crane toppled into the city street, crushing a NYPD van in the process. The massive tracked-vehicle, a "Casa Grande" drilling machine, was entering a construction site at West 30th Street and Sixth Avenue when the vehicle rocked backwards, nearly flipping over.

Near-Fatal New York City Crane Accident Was Likely Caused by Faulty Rigging

The near-fatal crane accident in New York City last month was likely caused by faulty rigging. The intensive investigation into this accident along a busy street in Manhattan revealed that one of the lift straps was likely cut by the edge of the air conditioning equipment being lifted on the high-rise. The 13-ton unit was able to exert enough pressure on one single point in the lift strap to act like a knife and slice cleanly through it.

New York City Officials Combat Crane Accidents

There have been an alarming number of dramatic and potentially deadly crane accidents in New York City in recent years. The 2008 collapse at 303 East 51st Street, for example, is still making headlines today because investigators uncovered falsified inspection documents.

Mechanic in Fatal NYC Crane Accident Avoids Jail

Recently, a mechanic was sentenced for his part in a 2008 NYC crane accident the left two workers dead. Given that the mechanic is the only person to admit criminal wrongdoing in the accident, the mechanic's sentence - a year of community service - has angered family members of the workers killed in the accident.

Construction Work Hazards Reflected in WTC Crane Accident

A crane accident at the construction site of the new World Trade Center last month highlights the dangers construction workers face each day. While the damage turned out to be minimal, and a single worker received minor injuries, it could have been much worse.

Brooklyn Construction Site Fall Leaves Man Seriously Injured

A 39-year-old construction worker was injured last week when he fell off a ladder at a Brooklyn jobsite. At the time of the construction accident, the man was working below-ground at the Gowanus Canal flushing tunnel. The NY Times reported that the ladder was wet, causing the worker to slip and tumble backwards into the pit of a hole, ultimately landing on his back.

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